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p. 92


SHREE SHOOKDEO said, when Huri had let the hill down from his hand, and restored it to its former place, all the older cowherds, on beholding this miraculous work, said amongst themselves, "How can we call him the son of Nund, whose power has this day saved the country all round Bruj from this great deluge? Truly, Nund and Jusodha must at some time have performed a great penance, for which reason (or in consequence of which) Bhugwan has been born in their house." And the cowherds' children having come and embraced Krishnù, asked him, "Brother! how did you support the weight of such a huge hill on your soft lotus-like hand?"

And Nund and Jusodha, clasping their son with tenderness to their bosoms, rubbing his hand, and making his finger crack, began to say to him, "You placed the hill for seven days on your hand; it must now be painful."

And the cowherdesses came to Jusodha, and having mentioned to her all the sports which Krishnù had last been engaged in, said, "May this child, your son, live a very long time, the guardian of Bruj. He has destroyed demons, giants and evil spirits. Where are the limits to his liberation of the inhabitants of Bruj. Every thing has happened, exactly as Rae Gurug, the sage, said.'

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