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HAVING narrated thus much, Shree Shookdeo, the sage, said, when they abandoned the worship of the ruler of the gods, and worshipped the mountain, Indrù was enraged and summoned all the gods.

On their arrival, Indrù asked them to explain, whose poojah had been performed yesterday in Bruj. At this time, Narud Jee came and said to Indrù, "O great king! every one obeys you, except the inhabitants of Bruj; and they do not obey you, because Nund has had a son, according to whose instructions they act. He has abolished your worship, and caused them since yesterday to worship the mountain."

On hearing this Indrù was angry, and said, "The inhabitants of Bruj have great wealth, and therefore they have become excessively proud. They have given up the prayers, penances, sacrifices and fasts, which they used to observe, and offer up on my account. They have invited famine and wretchedness. They look upon the man, Krishnù, as a god: and believe all he says to be true. He is a foolish, unintelligent child, a great talker, and very proud. I will now put an end to his pride by destroying all cattle, and deprive him of wealth."

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Having spoken in this angry, foolish manner, the ruler of the gods sent for the lord of the clouds. On receiving the message, he came and stood before Indrù trembling, and with his hands joined. Indrù, when he saw him, said, passionately, "Take all your army immediately with you, and overwhelm with water the mountain Goberdhun, and the space round about Bruj; so that not a single trace of the mountain, or the name of the inhabitants of Bruj may remain."

Having received this order, the lord of the clouds made his obeisance, and received permission from Raja Indrù to depart. On reaching his own abode, he called together all the great clouds, and said to them, "It is the order of the great king, that you should go immediately and pour down, rain in such quantities as to set adrift the whole of Goberdhun."

Having heard this, all the clouds collected their masses, and accompanied their ruler. He came and surrounded the whole country about Bruj; and having thundered, began to pour down heavy rain in large drops, and to point out the hill with his finger.

Having narrated thus much, Shree Shookdeo Jee said to the Raja Pureechit,--O great king! when the thundering clouds began to pour down rain in this manner from all quarters, the cowherdesses and cowherds together with Nund and Jusodha, alarmed and drenched with wet, trembled violently, and having gone to Krishnù called out, "O Krishnù! how shall we escape from this great deluge? You made us abandon the worship of Indrù, and perform poojah to the hill; please call him quickly to preserve us: otherwise, we shall all be drowned in a second, together with the city."

Having heard this speech, and perceiving that they were all terrified, Shree Krishnù Chund replied, "Be not at all anxious, the lord of hills will come immediately and protect you." Thus saying, and heating the hill Goberdhun, he made it like fire, and raised it up, and supported it on the little finger of his left hand; upon this, all the inhabitants of Bruj with their

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cattle came and stood under it, and on beholding Shree Krishnù, began to say with astonishment to each other, "Some Vishnù has descended upon the earth; Krishnù is a god of gods. How, brother, can Mohun be a mortal, since he has supported a hill upon his finger?"

Having proceeded thus far in the history, Shree Shookdeo, the Sage, said to the Raja Pureechit,--The lord of the clouds, with his collected force and in great wrath, poured down rain very heavy, which fell upon the hill with a hissing sound, and became like drops falling upon a hot baking plate.

Having been informed of this Indrù was enraged, and came himself and poured down rain for seven days without ceasing; but through the glory of Huri, not a drop fell upon Bruj. When all the water was expended, the clouds came with joined hands and said, "Lord! we have expended as much water as was expended at the general destruction (the great deluge,) what shall we do now?"

Having heard this, Indrù reflecting and meditating, thought to himself, "Vishnù has descended upon the earth: otherwise, who else could have had the power, by supporting the hill, to protect Bruj?" With these thoughts, and feeling great regret, Indrù returned to his abode with the clouds, which having been dispersed, there was light. Then all the inhabitants of Bruj, being delighted, said to Krishnù, "O great king! be pleased now to restore the hill to its former position, as the clouds are all gone." On hearing which Shree Krishnù Chund placed the hill where it was before.

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