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SHREE SHOOKDEO, the sage, said,--O great king! early in the morning, taking the cows, cowherdesses and cowherds with them, Krishnù and Bulram playing on the flute, and singing sweet notes, were proceeding to the jungle to give grazing to the cows, when Raja Indrù, accompanied by all the gods, preceded by the cow Ramdhenoo, and mounted upon the elephant Yerawut, having come to Brindabun from the region of the gods, stood obstructing the road to the jungle. When he beheld Shree Krishnù Chund at a distance, dismounting from his elephant, he came bare-footed and trembling, with a cloth thrown about his neck, and fell at the feet of Krishnù; and expressing great regret, and shedding tears began to say, "O lord of Bruj! have mercy on me. I have been very proud, and presumptuous; and have given up my mind to sensual enjoyment and illusion. Intoxicated with wealth I have placed my enjoyment in riches. Your nature I have not understood at all; you are god, the lord of all; who, except you, is the lord of the world? Bruhmù, Roodrù and all others, who grant boons, have obtained prosperity by your gift. You are lord of the world, dwelling in the Vedas. Luchmee, constantly attending on you, has become your servant. You descend upon the earth for men's sake; and

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then remove all the burthens of the earth. Put away all my faults: I have been very presumptuous and foolish."

When Indrù had eulogized Krishnù with such humility, Shree Krishnù Chund, taking compassion on him, said, "You have come now with the cow Ramdhenoo; and, therefore, I pardon your sin. Do not again indulge in pride, because by doing so the understanding is destroyed: and foolishness, from which disrespect proceeds, is increased."

On hearing these words from the mouth of Shree Krishnù, Indrù having risen, performed poojah according to the injunctions of the Vedas; and having pronounced the name of Gobind, took the water, in which his feet had been washed, and circled to the right hand by way of adoration of Krishnù. At this time the heavenly musicians, playing upon instruments of different kinds, began to celebrate the praises of Shree Krishnù; and the gods, seated in their chariots, to rain down flowers from the sky. And the crisis appeared the same, as if Shree Krishnù had been born for the second time.

When Indrù had finished the poojah, he stood before Krishnù with hands joined: and Shree Krishnù gave him the order to return to leis own city With the cow Ramdhenoo. On receiving the order, Ramdhenoo and Indrù taking their departures, after having made obeisance, went to the region of Indrù. And Shree Krishnù Chund having allowed the cows to graze, returned, in the evening with all the cowherds' children to Brindabun. They having gone to their homes, related that they had that day seen Indrù in the jungle, through the glory of Huri.

Having related so much of the history, Shree Shookdeo Jee said to the Raja Pureechit,--Raja! by hearing and reciting this account of Shree Gobind, which I have narrated to you, the four blessings of religion, substance, desire and deliverance are obtained in the world.

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