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HAVING proceeded thus far in the narrative, Shree Shookdeo said,--O great king! listen attentively, and I will explain the seasons and the different sports Krishnù engaged in, in the course of them. The hot season came first, and by its arrival, took away all the pleasure of the world; and having heated the earth and atmosphere, made them like fire; but owing to the glory of Krishnù, there was constant spring in Brindabun. There creepers bloomed on numerous arbours of trees; flowers of different kinds blossomed, upon which there was the buzzing of swarms of bees. Kokilas poured forth their notes on the mango branches, and peacocks strutted about in cool, shady places. A sweetly scented breeze was blowing, and on one side of the jungle, the retired Jumna exhibited its beauty. Krishnù and Bulram left the cows, and were engaged in all sorts of rare sports with their companions, when a demon, named Purlunt, who had been sent by Kuns, came in the form of a cowherd. On seeing him, Shree Krishnù said to Buldeo with a wink--"This is no friend of ours, Bulbeer, this is an evil spirit, who has come in a disguised form. Let us take measures for his destruction, we cannot kill him while he is in the form of a cowherd; when he assumes his own form, do you kill him immediately."

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Having thus instructed Buldeo, Shree Krishnù Jee laughing and calling Purlunt to him, took hold of his hand and said, Your appearance is most beautiful; you are certainly our friend, without any deceit."

Having thus spoken, and taking Purlunt with him, he divided the cowherds' children into two equal portions, taking half himself and giving half to Bulram Jee, and having made two of their young companions sit down, he and Bulram began to ask, and explain the names of fruits and flowers.

In this sport of explanation Shree Krishnù lost, Buldeo won. Then those who were on Shree Krishnù's side ran off with the companions of Buldeo on their shoulders. Purlunt outstripped them all, taking Bulram with him, and having reached the jungle, he began to increase in size.

Buldeo on this black hill-like (monster,) appeared as beautiful as the moon in a dark-coloured cloud, and the splendour of his ear-rings was as dazzling as lightning, the perspiration fell from him like rain. Having narrated thus much, Shree Shookdeo Jee said to the Raja Pureechit,--O great king! when having got him alone, the demon was on the point of destroying Buldeo, he killed Purlunt with blows.

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