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SHREE SHOOKDEO JEE said,--Raja! when Bulram returned, after having killed Purlunt, he met Krishnù with his companions. And the cowherds' children, who were in the jungle pasturing the cows, having heard that a demon had been killed, left their cows and came to look at him. The cows in the mean while went from one grass jungle to another. When the two brothers arrived, they could not see any cows.

The cows and cowherds were dispersed: they lost their road, and wandered about the grass and palm jungles. Climbing up trees, they (the cowherds' children) called out to each other, and repeating names, they waived cloths in the air.

In the meantime, one of his companions came, and said to Krishnù, joining his hands, "O great king! the cowherds' children and the cows having broken through (or destroyed,) the Mouj jungle have been mixed up together, just in the same way as in the months of Sawun and Bhadon, rivers rushing along with high waves, mix in the sea." At this time they perceived that there was a fire blazing furiously. On seeing it, the cowherds and their companions, being greatly alarmed and frightened, called out, "Krishnù! Krishnù! save us quickly from this fire or we shall all be instantly burnt to death."

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[paragraph continues] Krishnu said, "All of you shut your eyes." When they had shut their eyes, Krishnù, having put out the fire in a second, caused another delusion, and having taken off the cowherds' children with the cows into a fig tree forest, told them to open their eyes.

The cowherds having opened their eyes, said, gazing round, "Where has that fire gone, Krishnù? When did we come into the fig tree forest: this is indeed strange, Bulbeer?"

Having thus said, they accompanied Krishnù and Bulram with the cows to Brindabun, and each went home and mentioned, that Bulram had that day killed a demon, named Purlunt; and that there had been a fire in the Mouj forest, which, through the power of Krishnù, had been extinguished. Having narrated thus much, Shree Shookdeo Jee said,--Raja! hearing these words from the mouths of the cowherds' children, all the inhabitants of Bruj went out to see: but they obtained no clue to the actions of Krishnù.

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