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p. 65


HAVING heard thus much of the story, Raja Pureechit enquired from Shree Shookdeo Jee,--"O great king! the island of Kounuck was a fine place; why did Kalee come away from it, and why did he remain in the Jumna? Explain this to me, that the doubts of my mind may depart." Shree Shookdeo said,--Raja! the bird, upon which Huri rides, dwells in the island of Kounuck, it is very powerful; for this reason the great serpents in that quarter acknowledging his superiority, constantly gave him a snake. They brought it, and placed it upon a tree: he came and devoured it. One day Kalee, the son of the serpent Kudroo, presuming on his poison, went and ate up the food of Vishnù's bird. In the meantime, the bird came there, and there was a great deal of fighting between the two. Of a sudden Kalee having given up all for lost, began to say to himself, "How shall I escape from him, and where shall I go?" Having thus said, he thought that if he were to go and dwell at Brindabun on the banks of the Jumna, he would escape, because the bird could not go there; thinking thus, Kalee proceeded there. Again the Raja Pureechit enquired from Shookdeo, "O great king! explain to me, why he could not go there." Shookdeo Jee said,--Raja! once on a time Suobhis, the sage, seated on the bank of

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the Jumna, was engaged in devotion: the bird of Vishnù, having gone there, killed and ate a fish. Then the sage, being angry, pronounced this curse upon him, "If you ever come here again, you shall not escape with life." For this reason, the bird could not go there; and from the time Kalee went to that place, it was called the whirlpool of Kalee. Having recited thus much, Shree Shookdeo Jee said, when Shree Krishnù Chund came out of the water Nund and Jusodha being rejoiced, gave many gifts, and performed many acts of charity. Their eyes were delighted at beholding the countenance of their son, and (by beholding) life was restored to all the inhabitants of Bruj. In the evening they said to each other, "How shall we go home now, having suffered fatigue, hunger and thirst all day long? Let us pass the night here, and go to Brindabun in the morning." Having thus said, they all fell asleep.

At midnight there was a heavy storm, and a conflagration on all sides. Trees, forests and cattle were all destroyed by the fire.

When the fire occurred, they all started from sleep, and being frightened, and looking round on all sides, they began to stretch out their hands, and call out--"Krishnù! Krishnù! save us quickly from this fire; or it will reduce us all to ashes in an instant." When the inhabitants of Bruj, together with Nund and Jusodha, had called out thus, Shree Krishnù Chund Jee rising, drank up the fire in a moment, and put an end to all their anxiety. They returned to Brindabun early in the morning, and there were rejoicings and songs of congratulation in every house.

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