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The Hymns of the Atharvaveda

Book X

tr. by Ralph T.H. Griffith


Hymn 1: A charm against witchcraft
Hymn 2: Purusha, Primeval Man or humanity personified
Hymn 3: A charm to secure long life, health, prosperity and fame
Hymn 4: A charm to destroy venomous serpents
Hymn 4: A charm to overthrow a rival and gain strength, dignity, long life, children, and general prosperity
Hymn 6: The glorification of an all-powerful amulet
Hymn 7: Skambha, the Pillar or Fulcrum of all existence
Hymn 8: Speculations on the Supreme Being and Cosmogonical and theological subjects
Hymn 9: The Sataudanā or Hundredfold Oblation
Hymn 10: A glorification of the sacred Cow as representing the radiant heavens