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p. 17


The glorification of an all-powerful amulet

1With power I cut away the head of my malignant rival, of mine
   evil-hearted enemy.
2This Amulet of citron-wood shall make for me a trusty shield
  Filled with the mingled beverage, with sap and vigour hath it
3What though the strong-armed carpenter have cleft thee with
   his hand and axe.
  Pure animating waters shall cleanse thee and make thee bright
4This Amulet, decked with chain of gold, shall give faith,
   sacrifice, and might, and dwell as guest within our house.
5To this we give apportioned food, clarified butter, wine, and
  May it provide each boon for us as doth a father for his sons. p. 18
  Again, again, from morn to morn, having approached the
6The Charm Brihaspati hath bound, the fatness-dropping citron-
   wood, the potent Khadira for strength,
  This Agni hath put on: it yields clarified butter for this man.
  Again, again, from morn to morn. With this subdue thine
7The Charm Brihaspati hath bound, the fatness-dropping citron-
   wood, the potent Khadira, for strength,
  This Charm hath Indra put on him for power and manly
  It yieldeth strength to strengthen him, again, again, from morn
   to morn, having approached the deities.
8The Charin Brihaspati, etc.
  This Charm hath Soma put on him for might, for hearing, and
   for sight.
  This yields him energy indeed, again, again, etc.
9The Charm Brihaspati, etc.
  This Sūrya put on him, with this conquered the regions of the
  This yieldeth him ability, again, etc.
10The Charm Brihaspati, etc.
  This Charm did Chandra wear, with this conquered the forts of
  Asuras, the golden forts of Dānavas.
  This yields him glory and renown, again, etc.
11The Amulet Brihaspati bound on the swiftly-moving Wind.
  This yieldeth him a vigorous steed, again, etc.
12The Asvins with this Amulet protect this culture of our fields.
  This yields the two Physicians might, again, etc.
13Savitar wore this Amulet: herewith he won this lucid heaven.
  This yields him glory and delight, again, etc.
14Wearing this Charm the Waters flow eternally inviolate. This
   yieldeth them ambrosia, again etc.
15King Varuna assumed and wore this salutary Amulet.
  This yieldeth him his truthfulness, again, etc.
16Wearing this Amulet the Gods conquered in battle all the
  This yieldeth victory for them, again, etc.
17The Amulet Brihaspati formed for the swiftly-moving Wind,
  This salutary Amulet the Deities assumed and wore. p. 19
  This yieldeth them the universe, again, again, from morn to
   morn. With this subdue thine enemies.
18The seasons formed that Amulet, the Groups of Seasons fashion-
   ed it.
  The Year having constructed it preserveth everything that is.
19The regions of the heaven, the points that lie between them
   fashioned it.
  Created by Prajāpati, may the Charm cast my foemen down.
20Atharvan made the Amulet, Atharvan's children fashioned it.
  With them the sage Angirases broke through the Dasyus'
   fortresses. With this subdue thine enemies.
21Dhātar bound on this Amulet: he ranged and ordered all that
   is. With this do thou subdue thy foes.
22The Amulet Brihaspati formed for the Gods, that slew the
  That Amulet here hath come to me combined with sap and
23The Amulet, etc.
  That Amulet here hath come to me, hath come with cows, and
   goats, and sheep, hath come with food and progeny.
24The Amulet, etc.
  That Amulet here hath come to me with store of barley and of
   rice, with greatness and prosperity.
25The Amulet, etc.
  That Amulet here hath come to me with streams of butter and
   of mead, with sweet delicious beverage.
26The Amulet, etc.
  That Amulet here hath come to me with power and abundant
   strength, hath come with glory and with wealth.
27The Amulet, etc..
  That Amulet here hath come to me with splendour and a blaze
   of light, with honour and illustrious fame.
28The Amulet Brihaspati made for the Gods, that slew the fiends,
  That Amulet here hath come to me combined with all
29That Amulet may the Deities bestow on me to win success,
  The conquering, strength-increasing Charm, the damager of
30I bind on me my happy fate with holy prayer and energy.
  Foeless destroyer of the foe, it hath subdued mine enemies. p. 20
31May this Chaim, offspring of the Gods, make me superior to my
  So may this charm whose milk expressed these three worlds
   longingly await,
  Be fastened on me here, that it may crown me with surpassing
32The Charm to which men, Fathers, Gods look ever for their
  May this be fastened on me here, to crown me with surpassing
33As, when the plough hath tilled the soil, the seed springs up in.
   fertile land,
  Let cattle, progeny, and food of every kind spring up with me.
34Charm, forwarder of sacrifice, who hast a hundred priestly fees.
  Speed to preeminence him to whom I have attached thy happy
35Love thou, O Agni, pleased with burnt oblations, this sacred
   fuel that is ranged in order.
  In him may we find grace and loving-kindness, happiness,
   progeny, and sight and cattle, in Jātavedas kindled with

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