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p. 9


Purusha, Primeval Man or humanity personified

1Here is my charm the Varana, slayer of rivals, strong in act.
  With this grasp thou thine enemies, crush those who fain would
   injure thee.
2Break them in pieces; grasp them and destroy them. This Amu-
   let shall go before and lead thee.
  With Varana the Gods, from morn to morning, have warded off
   the Asuras' enchantment.
3This charm, this Varana healeth all diseases, bright with a thou-
   sand eyes and golden glister.
  This charm shall conquer and cast down thy foemen. Be thou
   the first to slay the men who hate thee.
4This will stay witchcraft wrought for thee, will guard thee from
   the fear of man:
  From all distress and misery this Varana will shield thee well.
5Guard against ill of varied kind is Varana this heavenly Plant.
  The Gods have stayed and driven off Consumption which had
   seized this man.
6If in thy sleep thou see an evil vision, oft as the beast repeats his
   loathed approaches,
  This Amulet, this Varana will guard thee from sneeze, and from
   the bird's ill-omened message.
7From Mischief, from Malignity, from incantation, from alarm,
  From death, from stronger foeman's stroke the Varana will
   guard thee well.
8Each sinful act that we have done,—my mother, father, and my
   friends,— p. 10
  From all the guilt this heavenly Plant will be our guard and
   sure defence.
9Affrighted by the Varana let my rivals near akin to me
  Pass to the region void of light: to deepest darkness let them
10Safe are my cattle, safe am I, long-lived with all my men
  This Varana, mine Amulet, shall guard me well on every side.
11This Varana is on my breast, the sovran, the celestial Plant.
  Let it afflict my foemen as Indra quelled fiends and Asuras.
12Through hundred autumn seasons, long to live, I wear this
  May it bestow on me great strength, cattle, and royalty and
13As with its might the wind breaks down the trees, the sovrans
   of the wood,
  So break and rend my rivals, born before me and born after.
  Let the Varana protect thee well.
14As Agni and the wind devour the trees, the sovrans of the wood,
  Even so devour my rivals, born before me and born after. Let
   the Varana protect thee well.
15As, shattered by the tempest, trees lie withering ruined on the
  Thus over throw my rivals thou, so crush them down and ruin.
   them, those born before and after. Let this Varana protect
   thee well.
16Cut them in pieces, Varana! before their destined term of life,
  Those who would hurt his cattle, those who fain would harm.
   the realm he rules.
17As Sūrya shines with brightest sheen, as splendour hath been
   stored in him,
  So may the Charm, the Varana, give me prosperity and fame.
  With lustre let it sprinkle me, and balm me with magni-
18As glory dwelleth in the Moon and in the Sun who vieweth
  So may the Charm, etc.
19As glory dwelleth in the Earth, and in this Jātavedas here,
  So may the Charm etc. p. 11
20As glory dwelleth in a maid, and in this well-constructed car,
  So may the Charm, etc.
21As glory dwelleth in the draught of Soma and the honeyed.
  So may the Charm, etc.
22As glory dwells in sacrifice to Agni, and the hallowing word,
  So may the Charm, etc.
23As glory is bestowed upon the patron and this sacrifice,
  So may the Charm, etc.
24As glory dwelleth in the Lord of Life and in this God Supreme,.
  So may the Charm, etc.
25As immortality and truth have been established in the Gods,
  So may the Charm, the Varana, give me prosperity and fame.
  With lustre let it sprinkle me, and balm me with magnificence.

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