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p. 367


1These mares come springing forward to Pratipa Prātisutvana.
34. One of them is Hariknikā. Hariknikā, what seekest thou?
56. The excellent, the golden son: where now hast thou aban-
   doned him?
78. There where around those distant trees, three Sisus that are
   standing there,
910. Three adders, breathing angrily, are blowing loud the
   threatening horn.
1112. Hither hath come a stallion: he is known by droppings on
   his way,
1314. As by their dung the course of kine. What wouldst thou in
   the home of men?
1516. Barley and ripened rice I seek. On rice and barley hast thou
1718. As the big serpent feeds on sheep. Cow's hoof and horse's
   tail hast thou,
1920. Winged with a falcon's pinion is that harmless swelling of
   thy tongue.

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