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p. 365


Sacrificial formulas

1The worshipper who pours the juice, for gathering and assembly
  And yonder foe-destroying Sun,—these have the Gods designed
   of old.
2He who defiles a sister, he who willingly would harm a friend,
  The fool who slights his elder, these, they say, must suffer down.
3Whenever any good man's son becometh bold and spirited,
  Then hath the wise Gandharva said this pleasant upward-point-
   ing word.
4The most unprofitable churl, the wealthy men who brings no.
  These, verily, as we have heard, are cast away by all the wise.
5But they who have adored the Gods, and they who have best-
   owed their gifts,
  Those liberal lords are filled with wealth like Sūrya risen up to
6With unanointed eyes and limbs, wearing no gem or ring of
  No priest, no Brāhman's son is he: these things are ordered in
   the rules.
7With well-anointed limbs and eyes, wearing fair gem and golden,
  Good priest is he, the Brāhman's son; these things are ordered
   in the rules.
8Pools with no place for drinking, and the wealthy man who.
   giveth naught,
  The pretty girl you may not touch, these things are ordered in:
   the rules. p. 366
9Pools with good drinking places, and the wealthy man who
   freely gives,
  The pretty girl who may be touched, these things are ordered in
   the rules.
10The favourite wife neglected, and the man who safely shuns the
  A sluggish horse whom none may guide, these things are order-
   ed in the rules.
11The favourite wife most dearly loved, the man who safely goes
   to war,
  The fleet steed who obeys the rein, these things are ordered in
   the rules.
12When, Indra, thou, as no man could, didst plunge into the Ten
  Kings' fight,
  That was a guard for every man: for he is formed to stay
13Easily conquering Maghavan, thou, Hero, bentest Raji down,
  Rentest asunder Rauhina, calvest in pieces Vritra's head.
14Thou who didst separate the clouds and penetrate the water-
  To thee, great slayer of the foe, be glory, Indra, yea, to thee!
15They said to Auchchaihsravasa running as side-horse of the
  Safely to victory, O Steed, bear Indra with the beauteous wreath.
16They yoke the white mares, on the Bay's right harness Auchchai-
  He joyeth as he carrieth Indra the foremost of the Gods.

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