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p. 368


1, 2Who carried off these stores of milk? Who took the dark
   cow's milk away?
3, 4Who took away the white cow's milk t Who took the black
   cow's milk away?
5, 6 Question this man, Where do I ask? Where, whom that
   knoweth do I ask?
7, 8Not to the belly comes the grain. The patient ones are
   angry now.
9, 10Undecked with gems, and decked with gems: deity rivalling
   the Sun.
11, 12Dapple, Harinikā, and Bay ran forward to the liberal gifts.
13, 14When the horn's blast hath sounded forth let not our friend
   discover thee.
15, 16Hither to the cow's son they come. Libation hath rejoiced
   the God.
17, 18Then cried they. Here he is, and, Here; again the cry was,
  Here is he.
19, 20Then not defective be our steeds! A splinter so diminutive!

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