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1Drive all our enemies away, O Indra, the western, mighty Con-
   queror, and the eastern,
  Hero, drive off our northern foes and southern, that we in thy
   wide shelter may be joyful.
2What then? As men whose fields are full of barley reap the ripe
   corn removing it in order,
  So bring the food of those men, bring it hither, who come not
   to prepare the grass for worship.
3Men come not with one horse at sacred seasons; thus they
   obtain no honour in assemblies.
  Sages desiring herds of kine and horses strengthen the mighty
  Indra for his friendship.
4Ye, Asvins, Lords of Splendour, drank full draughts of grateful
  Soma juice,
  And aided Indra in his work with Namuchi of Asura birth.
5As parents aid a son, both Asvins, Indra, aided thee with their
   wondrous powers and wisdom
  When thou, with might, hadst drunk the draught that glad-
   dens, Sarasvati, O Maghavan refreshed thee.
6Indra is strong to save, rich in assistance: may he, possessing
   all, be kind and gracious.
  May he disperse our foes and give us safety, and may we be the
   lords of hero vigour.
7May we enjoy his favour, his the holy: may we enjoy his blessed
  May this rich Indra, as our good protector, drive off and keep
   afar all those who hate us.

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