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1With what help will he come to us, wonderful, ever-waxing
  With what most mighty company?
2What genuine and most liberal draught will spirit thee with
   juice to burst.
  Open e'en strongly-guarded wealth?
3Do thou who art protector us thy friends who praise thee
  With hundred aids approach us.
4We will, with Indra and all Gods to help us, bring these existing
   worlds into subjection.
  Our sacrifice, our bodies, and our offspring shall Indra form
   together with the Ādityas.
5With the Ādityas, with the band of Maruts, may Indra be pro-
   tector of our bodies.
  As when the Gods came after they had slaughtered the Asuras,
   keeping safe their Godlike nature,
6Brought the Sun hitherward with mighty powers, and looked
   about them on their vigorous Godhead. p. 359
  With this may we obtain strength God-appointed, and joy with
   brave sons through a hundred winters.

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