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p. 323


1In all libations men with hero spirit urge thee, Universal, One,
   each seeking several light, each fain to win the light apart.
  Thee, furthering like a ship, will we set to the chariot pole of
  As men who win with sacrifices Indra's thought, men who win
  Indra with their lauds.
2Couples desirous of thine aid are storming thee, pouring their
   presents forth to win a stall of kine, pouring gifts, Indra,
   seeking thee.
  When two men seeking spoil or heaven thou bringest face to
   face in war,
  Thou showest Indra, then the bolt thy constant friend, the bull
   that ever waits on thee,
3Also this morn may he be well inclined to us, mark at our call
   our offerings and our song of praise, our call that we may win
   the light.
  As thou, O Indra Thunder-armed, wilt, as the Strong One,
   slay the foe,
  Listen, thou to the prayer of me a later sage, hear thou a later
   sage's prayer.

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