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p. 322


1Mighty is Indra, yea, supreme; greatness becomes the
  Wide as the heaven extends his power;
2Which aideth those to win them sons who come as heroes to the
  Or singers loving holy thoughts.
3His belly drinking deepest draughts of Soma like an ocean
  Like wide streams from the cope of heaven.
7Come, Indra, and delight thee with the juice at all the Soma
  Protector, mighty in thy strength.
8To Indra pour ye forth the juice, the active gladdening juice, to
  The gladdening omnific God.
9O Lord of all men, fair of cheek, rejoice thee in the gladdening
  Present at these drink-offerings.
10Songs have outpoured themselves to thee, Indra, the strong, the
   guardian Lord.
  And raised themselves unsatisfied.
11Send to us bounty manifold, O Indra, worthy of our wish,
  For power supreme is only thine.
12O Indra, stimulate thereto us emulously fain for wealth.
  And glorious, O most splendid One.
13Give, Indra, wide and lofty fame, wealthy in cattle and in
  Lasting our life-time, failing not.
14Grant us high fame, O Indra, grant riches bestowing thousands,
  Fair fruits of earth borne home in wains.
15Praising with songs the praise-worthy who cometh to our aid,
   we call
  Indra, the Treasure-Lord of wealth.
16To lofty Indra, dweller by each libation, the pious man Sings
   forth aloud a strengthening hymn.

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