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p. 320


1Thou, Indra, with the Tempest-Gods, the breakers down of
   what is firm,
  Foundest the kine even in the cave.
2Worshipping even as they list, singers laud him who findeth
  The far-renowned, the mighty One.
3Then, faring on by Indra's side, the fearless, let thyself be seen,.
  Both gracious and in splendour peers.
4With Indra's well-beloved hosts, the blameless, tending heaven-
  The sacrificer cries aloud.
5Come from this place, O wanderer, or downward from the light
   of heaven!
  Our songs of praise all yearn for this.
6Or Indra we implore for help from here, from heaven above the
  Or from the spacious firmament.
7Indra the singers with high praise, Indra reciters with their
  Indra the choirs have glorified.
8Indra hath ever close to him his two bay steeds and word-yoked
  Indra the golden, Thunder-armed.
9Indra hath raisedjthe Sun on high in heaven, that he may see
  He burst the mountain for the kine.
10Help us, O Indra, in the frays, yea, frays where thousand spoils
   are gained,
  With awful aids, O awful One.
11In mighty battle we invoke, Indra, Indra in lesser fight,
  The friend who bends his bolt at fiends.
12Unclose, our manly Hero, thou for ever bounteous, yonder
  For us, thou irresistible.
13Still higher, at each strain of mine, thunder-armed Indra's,
   praises rise:
  I find no laud worthy of him. p. 321
14Even as the bull drives on the herds, he drives the people with
   his might,
  The ruler irresistible:
15Indra who rules with single sway men, riches, and the fivefold
  Of those who dwell upon the earth.
16For your sake from each side we call Indra away from other
  Ours, and none others', may he be.
17Indra, bring wealth that gives delight, the victor's ever-conquer-
   ing wealth,
  Most excellent, to be our aid;
18By means of which we may repel our foes in battle hand to
  By thee assisted with the car.
19Aided by thee, the Thunder-armed, Indra; may we lit up the
  And conquer all our foes in fight.
20With thee, O Indra, for ally, with missile-darting heroes may
  We conquer our embattled foes.

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