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p. 319


1May he stand by us in our need and in abundance for our
  With riches may he come to us;
2Whose pair of tawny horses yoked in battles foemen challenge
  To him, to Indra, sing your song.
3Nigh to the Soma-drinker come, for his enjoyment, these bright
  The Somas mingled with the curd.
4Thou, grown at once to perfect strength, wast born to drink the
  Soma juice, strong Indra, for preeminence.
5O Indra, lover of the song, may these quick Somas enter thee:
  May they bring bliss to thee the Sage.
06. O Lord of Hundred Powers, our chants of praise and lauds have
   strengthened thee:
  So strengthen thee the songs we sing!
7Indra, whose succour never fails, accept this treasure thousand-
  Wherein all manly powers abide.
8O Indra, thou who lovest song, let no man hurt our bodies,
  Slaughter far from us, for thou canst.
12Thereafter they, as is their wont, threw off the state of babes
  Taking their sacrificial name.

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