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p. 318


4Go to the wise unconquered One, ask thou of Indra, skilled in
  Him who is better than thy friends.
5Whether the men who mock us say, Depart unto another place,
  Ye who serve Indra and none else;
6Or whether, God of wondrous deeds, all our true people call us
  Still may we dwell in Indra's care.
7Unto the swift One bring the swift, man-cheering, grace of
  That to the Friend gives wings and joy.
8Thou, Satakratu, drankest this and wast the Vritras' slayer;
  Helpest the warrior in the fray.
9We strengthen, Satakratu, thee, yea, thee the powerfull in fight,
  That, Indra, we may win us wealth.
10To him the mighty stream of wealth, prompt Friend of him who
   pours the juice,
  Yea, to this Indra sing your song.
41O come ye hither, sit ye down: to Indra sing ye forth your
  Companions, bringing hymns of praise.
12To him the richest of the rich, the Lord of treasures excellent,
  Indra, with Soma juice outpoured.

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