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1The pourer of oblations gains the home of wealth pouring his
   gift conciliates hostilities, yea, the hostilities of Gods.
  Pouring he strives, unchecked and strong, to win him riches
  Indra gives lasting wealth to him who pours forth gifts; yea,
   wealth he gives that long shall last.
2Ne'er may those manly deeds of yours for us grow old, never
   may your bright glories fall into decay, never before your
   time decay. p. 317
  What deed of yours, new every age, wondrous, surpassing man,.
   rings forth,
  Whatever, Maruts may be difficult to gain grant us whate'er is
   hard to win.
3I think on Agni, Hotar, the munificent, the gracious Son of
   strength, who knoweth all that live, as holy Sage who knoweth
  Lord of fair rites, a God with form erected turning to the Gods.
  He, when the flame hath sprung forth from the holy oil, the
   offered fatness, longeth for it with his glow.
4Busied with sacrifice, with spotted deer and spears, gleaming.
   upon your way with ornaments, yea, our friends,
  Sitting on sacred grass, ye sons of Bharata, drink Soma from
   the Potar's bowl, O Men of heaven.
5Bring the Gods hither, Sage, and offer sacrifice. At the three
   altars seat thee willingly .O Priest.
  Accept for thy delight the proffered Soma mead: drink from
   the Kindler's bowl and sate thee with thy share.
6This is the strengthener of thy body's manly might: strength,.
   victory for all time are laid within thine arms.
  Pressed for thee, Maghavan, it is offered unto thee: drink from
   the chalice of this Brāhman, drink thy fill.
7Him whom of old I called on, him I call on now. He is to be
   invoked: his name is He who Gives.
  Here brought by priests in Soma mead. Granter of Wealth,
   drink Soma with the Seasons from the Hotar's Cup.

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