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1All these libations are for thee, O Hero: to thee I offer these
   my prayers that strengthen.
  Ever, in every place, must men invoke thee. p. 324
2Never do men attain, O Wonder-worker, thy greatness, Mighty
  One who must be lauded,
  Nor, Indra, thine heroic power and bounty.
3Bring to the Wise, the Great who waxeth mighty your offerings
   and make ready your devotion:
  To many clans he goeth, man's Controller.
4When, with the Princes, Maghavan, famed of old, comes nigh
   the thunderbolt of gold and the Controller's car
  Which his two tawny coursers draw, then Indra is the Sovran
  Lord of power whose fame spreads far and wide.
5With him too is this rain of his that comes like herds: Indra
   throws drops of moisture on his yellow beard.
  When the sweet juice is shed he seeks the pleasant place, and
   stirs the worshipper as the wind disturbs the wood.
6We laud and praise his several deeds of valour who, fatherlike,.
   with power hath made us stronger;
  Who with his voice slew many thousand wicked ones who spake
   in varied manner with contemptuous cries.

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