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1Drink thou the Soma for our help, bright, vigilant, exceeding
  O Indra, Lord of Hundred Powers.
2O Satakratu, powers which thou mid the Five Races hast dis-
  These, Indra, do I claim of thee.
3Indra, great glory hast thou gained. Win splendid fame which
   none may mar:
  We make thy might perpetual.
4Come to us either from anear, or, Sakra, come from far away. p. 280
  Indra, wherever be thy home, come to us thence, O Thunder-
5Verily Indra, conquering all, driveth even mighty fear away;
  For firm is he and swift to act.
6Indra be gracious unto us: sin shall not reach us afterward .
  And good shall be before us still,
7From all the regions of the world let Indra send security.
  The foe-subduer, swift to act.

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