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1We will present fair praise unto the Mighty One, our hymns to
  Indra in Vivasvān's dwelling-place;
  For he hath ne'er found wealth in those who seem to sleep;
   those who give wealth to men accept no paltry praise.
2Giver of horses, Indra, giver, thou, of kine, giver of barley,
   thou art Lord and guard of wealth:
  Man's helper from of old, not disappointing hope, Friend of
   our friends, to thee as such we sing this praise.
3Indra, most splendid, powerful, rich in mighty deeds, this
   treasure spread around is known to be thine own.
  Gather therefrom. O Conqueror, and bring to us: fail not the
   hope of him who loves and sings to thee.
4Well-pleased with these bright flames and with these Soma
   drops, take thou away our poverty with steeds and kine.
  With Indra scattering the Dasyu through these drops, freed
   from their hate may we obtain abundant food.
5Let us obtain, O Indra, plenteous wealth and food, with strength
   exceeding glorious, shining to the sky.
  May we obtain the Goddess Providence, the strength of heroes,
   special source of cattle, rich in steeds.
6These our libations, strength inspiring Soma draughts, gladdened
   thee in the fight with Vritra, Hero-Lord, p. 281
  What time thou slewest for the singer with trimmed grass ten
   thousand Vritras, thou resistless in thy might.
7Thou goest on from fight to fight intrepidly, destroying castle
   after castle here with strength;
  Thou Indra, with thy friend who makes the foe bow down,
   slewest from far away the guileful Namuchi.
8Thou hast stuck down in death Karanja, Parnaya, in Atithigva's
   very glorious going forth:
  Unyielding, when Rijisvan compassed them with siege, thou hast
   destroyed the hundred towns of Vangrida.
9With all-outstripping chariot wheel, O Indra, thou far-famed,
   hast overthrown the twice ten kings of men,
  With sixty thousand nine-and-ninety followers, who came in
   arms to fight with friendless Susravas.
10Thou hast protected Susravas with succour, and Tūrvayāna with
   thine aid, O Indra:
  Thou madest Kutsa, Atithigva, Ayu subject unto this king, the
   young, the mighty.
11May we protected by the Gods hereafter remain thy very pro-
   sperous friends, O Indra.
  Thee we extol, enjoying through thy favour life-long and joyful
   and with store of heroes.

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