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p. 279


1O Indra, for the strength that slays the foe and conquers in the
  We turn thee hitherward to us.
2O Indra, Lord of Hundred Powers, may those who praise thee
  Direct thy spirit and thine eye.
3O Indra, Lord of Hundred Powers, with all our songs we
  Thy names for triumph over foes.
4We strive for glory through the powers immense of him whom
   many praise,
  Of Indra who supports mankind.
5For the foe's slaughter I address Indra whom many invocate,
  To win us booty in the wars.
6In battles be victorious. We seek thee, Lord of Hundred Powers,
  O Indra, that the foe may fall.
7In splendid combats of the hosts, in glories where the fight is
  Indra, be victor over foes.

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