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A curative and protective charm

1As debt from debt repay and send sorcery to the sorcerer's
  Split, Salve! the cruel villain's ribs whose evil eye bewitches us.
2Whatever evil dream we have, what'er befall our kine or home,
  Be this that is salubrity, the evil-hearted's foe applied.
3Increasing from the Waters' strength and vigour, sprung into life
   from Agni Jātavedas,
  Strong as four heroes, mountain born, this Ointment make for
   thee quarters and mind-points auspicious!
4On thee is laid the Chaturvira Ointment: let all the regions give
   thee peace and safety.
  Secure like precious Savitar thou standest: to thee let all these
   regions bring their tribute.
5Make one thy salve, thine amulet another, drink one, and with
   another bathe thy body.
  So let the Chaturvira keep us guarded from the four bonds of
  Nirriti and Grāhi.
6May Agni protect me with fire for inspiration and expiration,
   for strength, for energy, for vigour, for weal and prosperity.
  All Hail!
7May Indra protect me with his Indra-power for inspiration, etc. p. 248
8May Soma protect me with Soma-power, etc.
9May Bhaga with good fortune protect me, etc.
10May the Maruts protect me with their troops for inspiration
   and expiration, for strength, for energy, for vigour, for weal
   and prosperity. All Hail!

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