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A curative and protective charm

1Thou art the lengthening of life, thy name is Universal Cure:
  Then, Ointment! send felicity; Waters, send happiness and
2The yellow hue, the feverish heat, the shooting pain that rends II
   the limbs,
  All the consumptive malady let the Ointment drive from out
   thy frame.
3Let the Salve born upon the earth, benignant, giving life to man.
  Make the swift rider on the car sinless, exempt from sudden
4Preserve our breath, O Vital Breath, have mercy on our life, O
  From snares of Nirriti do thou, O Nirriti, deliver us.
5Thou art the babe of Sindhu, thou art lightnings' flower, wind,
   breath, and Sun: thou art the eye and milk of heaven.
6Gods' Ointment from the Three Peaked Hill, preserve thou me
   on every side.
  No plants of earth surpass thee, none from mountain or from
   cultured ground.
7Now hath it gently crept within, fiend-slaying, chasing malady.
  And driving all diseases hence, and evil omens, banished them.
8Full many a falsehood, O thou King Varuna, man hath uttered
  Do thou who hast a thousand powers preserve us from that
   misery. p. 247
9If we have cried, O Waters! Cows! if we have cried, O
  For this endowed with thousand powers! deliver us from
10Mitra and Varuna, O Salve have closely followed after thee
  May they, when they have followed thee afar, restore thee for
   our use.

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