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In praise of Brahma, Prayer, or Devotion

1Whither men versed in Brahma go, with fervour and the cleans-
   ing rite,
  Thither let Agni lead me, let Agni give me intelligence, All hail
   to Agni!
2Whither etc.
  Thither let Vāyu lead me, let Vāyu vouchsafe me vital breath.
  All hail to Vāyu!
3Whither, etc.
  Thither let Sūrya lead me, let Sūrya vouchsafe me power of
   sight. All hail to Sürya
4Whither, etc.
  Thither let Chandra lead me, let Chandra vouchsafe me intellect.
  All hail to Chandra!
5Whither, etc.
  Thither let Soma lead me, let Soma vouchsafe me vital sap. All
   hail to Soma!
6Whither, etc. p. 246
  Thither let Indra lead me, let Indra bestow upon me power. All
   hail to Indra!
7Whither, etc.
  Thither, let Waters lead me, let the Waters give me deathless
   life. All hail to Waters!
8Whither, etc.
  Thither let Brahma lead me, let Brahma give Brahma unto me.
  All hail to Brahma!

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