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A charm accompanying investiture with an amulet that ensures safety and victory

1For manly strength Prajāpati bound thee on first, invincible.
  This for long life on thee I bind for splendour, strength, and
   energy. Invincible, let it guard thee well.
2Erect, invincible, be this man's watchful keeper: let not the
  Panis or the sorcerers harm thee.
  Shake off thy foes as Indra scattered Dasyus: quell all enemies.
  Invincible, let it guard thee well.
3Indra hath lent the power of sight, and vital breath and strength
   to this.
  Whom even a hundred combatants, striking, have failed to over-
   come. Invincible, let it guard thee well.
4Around thy limbs I place the mail of Indra who hath become
   the Gods' imperial Sovran.
  Again let all the Deities bring thee hither. Invincible let it guard
   thee well.
5One and a hundred manly powers, a thousand lives hath this
  Amulet, unconquered ever.
  Go forth a tiger, strike down all thy foemen: let him who would
   oppose fall low beneath thee. Invincible, let it guard thee
6Drawn forth from butter, rich in milk and sweetness, hundred-
   lived, thousand-homed, bestowing vigour,
  Kindly, delightsome, full of sap, and mighty, invincible let it
   guard thee well.
7That thou mayst be pre-eminent, slayer of rivals, rivalless, p. 249
  May Savitar cause thee to be chief and controller of thy kin.
  Invincible, let it guard thee well.

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