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A similar charm addressed to the same

1While their lips uttered Indra's name the Rishis gave us Jangida..
  Which in the earliest time Gods made a remedy, Vishkandha's-
2So may this Jangida guard us, even as a treasurer guards wealth,.
  Even this which Gods and Brāhmans made a malice-quelling sure
3Hard-hearted men, the cruel eye, the sinner who hath come to-
  Destroy thou these with watchful care, O thou who hast a.
   thousand eyes. Thou, Jangida, art my defence.
4Guard me from earth and guard me from the heavens, guard
   me from middle air, from plants protect me.
  Protect me from the present and the future. From every region
  Jangida preserve us!
5All sorcerers made by the Gods, all that arise from mortal men,.
  These, one and all, let Jangida, healer of all, make impotent.

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