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p. 241


A charm against disease and evil spirits

1The Hundred-haired hath banished hence fiends and Consump-
   tions by its might.
  With splendour hath the charm that scares demons of ill-name
   mounted up.
2It drives off demons with its horns and sorceresses with its root,
  It stays Consumption with its waist: from this no wickedness
3Consumptions, light and serious, and those which sounds
  All these the Amulet, Hundred-haired, scarer of fiends, hath
   banished hence.
4A hundred men hath it produced, hundred Consumptions chased
  All fiends of evil-name it hath smitten, and shakes the
5The Bull that weareth horns of gold, this Amulet with hundred
  Hath cleft the demons of ill-name and overcome the Rākshasas.
6Hundred she-fiends, a hundred of Gandharvas and Apsarasas,
  A hundred of dog-mated nymphs, I keep away with Hundred-

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