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A protective charm addressed to the panacea called A Jangida

1Jangida, thou art Angiras: thou art a guardian, Jangida.
  Let Jangida, keep safely all our bipeds and our quadrupeds.
2Dice-witcheries, the fifty-threes, the hundred witchcraft-practi-
  All these may Jangida make weak, bereft of their effectual
3Baffle the loud factitious howl, make impotent the seven decays.
  As when an archer speeds the shaft, drive away want, O
4This counteracts the sorceress, this banishes malignity: Then
   may victorious Jangida's prolong the days we have to live.
5Let Jangida's protecting might encompass us on every side.
  Wherewith he quells Vishkandha and Sanskandha, might by
   greater might.
6Three times the Gods engendered thee fixt on the surface of the
  The Brāhmans of the olden time knew that thy name was
7The ancient plants surpass thee not, nor any herbs of recent
  A potent charm is Jangida, a most felicitous defence.
8Then when thou sprangest into life, Jangida of un-measured
  Indra, O mighty One, bestowed great power upon thee from the
   first. p. 240
9To thee in truth, O Forest Tree, Indra the mighty One gave
  Driving away all maladies, strike thou the demons down, O
10Lumbago and rheumatic pain, consumptive cough, and pleurisy,
  And fever which each Autumn brings, may Jangida make-

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