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A protective and benedictive charm

1Hundred stemmed, succulent, and worth a thousand, the Royal
  Rite of plants, the Water's Agni,
  Let this same Darbha guard us from all quarters. This Godlike
  Amulet shall with life endow us.
2Drawn forth from butter, juicy, sweetly-flavoured, firm as the
   earth, unshaken, overthrowing.
  Driving off foes and casting them beneath me, mount with the
   strength of mighty Ones, O Darbha.
3Thou movest o'er the earth with vigour: lovely in sacrifice thou
   sittest on the altar.
  The Rishis bear thee as a purifier: cleanse thou us from all evil
   deeds' defilement.
4A stern and all-victorious king, foe-queller, dear to every man—
  That energy of Gods and mighty power, I bind this on thee for
   long life and welfare. p. 239
5Achieve heroic deeds with Darbha, wearing this Darbha never
   let thy soul be troubled.
  In splendour and precedence over others illumine like the Sun
   the heaven's four regions.

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