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A charm, with an amulet of Darbha grass, to subdue enemies and win the affection of others

1For lengthened life I bind on thee the Darbha grass, the mighty
  Excellent, hard to overthrow, with hundred stems and thousand
2They cut not off his hair, they strike blow upon the breast for'
  To whom one gives protection by Darbha that hath uninjured
3O Plant, thy root is in the sky, and thou art stationed on the
  With thee who hast a thousand stalks we strengthen all the
   powers of life.
4Through all three skies the plant hath pierced, and the three
   regions of the earth;
  With thee I split in twain the tongue and words of the bad-
   hearted man.
5Thou art victorious in thy might I am endowed with conquering
  Possessed of overpowering force we two will quell our enemies.
6Subdue our foeman, overcome the men who fain would fight:
   with us. p. 238
  Conquer all evil-hearted ones: make many well-disposed to me.
7With Darbha that hath sprung from Gods, stationed in heaven,
   full many a time.
  With this have I won many men, have won and may I win them
8Do thou, O Darbha, make me dear to Brāhman and Rājanya,
   dear to Sūdra, and to Arya dear,
  Yea, dear to every man we love, to every man with eyes to see.
9He who first born fixed earth in her position, he who established
   heaven and air's mid-region,
  Whom sinner ne'er hath known as his supporter,—this Darbha
   be our shelter and protection!
10First of all plants it sprang into existence, victorious, hundred-
   stemmed, the foe-subduer,
  So may this Darbha from all sides protect us: with this may I
   subdue our foes in battle.

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