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p. 236


A charm to ensure general prosperity, accompanying self-investiture with an amulet of Udumbara

1Savitar make all cattle grow and prosper in my stable with.
  Amulet of Udumbara, helper of him who longs for wealth!
2May he who was our Household Fire, the ruler of our cattle,
  Amulet of Udumbara endow us with prosperity.
3By power of the Udumbara Charm may Dhātar give me plenty,
  In the kine's droppings and in fruit, and, in our dwelling, food,
   and drink.
4I win great plenty, while I wear the Amulet of Udumbara.
  Of quadrupeds and bipeds, of juices and food of every sort.
5I have obtained abundant wealth of cattle, bipeds and quad-
   rupeds, and corn in plenty.
  Savitar and Brihaspati vouchsafe me the milk of kine and herbs'
   refreshing juices!
6Fain would I be the lord of herds of cattle: may he who rules
   o'er riches send me riches!
  May the Udumbara Amulet vouchsafe possessions unto me.
7To me with wealth and children come the Amulet of Udumbara.
  With splendour come the Amulet hastened by Indra on its way!
8Divine, foe-quelling Amulet, wealth-winner for the gain of
  May it give store of beasts and food and cause our kine to
9As thou, O Forest Tree, wast born with increase when thy life
  So let Sarasvati bestow abundant growth of wealth on me.
10Sarasvati vouchsafe me wealth, household prosperity, and corn!
  Let Sinivāli bring them, and this Amulet of Udumbara.
11The Lord of amulets art thou, most mighty: in thee wealth's
   ruler hath engendered riches,
  These gains are lodged in thee, and all great treasures. Amulet,
   conquer thou: far from us banish malignity and indigence,
   and hunger. p. 237
12Vigour art thou, in me do thou plant vigour: riches art thou, so
   do thou grant me riches.
  Plenty art thou, so prosper me with plenty: House-holder, hear"
   a householder's petition.
13Amulet of Udumbara, enrich us: vouchsafe us wealth with all
   good men about us. I bind thee on for increase of possessions.
14For hero is this hero bound, Amulet of Udumbara.
  So may he make our offering sweetly-savoured, and grant us
   wealth with all good men about us.

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