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A protective charm accompanying investiture with an amulet of Darbha grass

1Darbha, with that good shield of thine, of hundred guards tilt
   death in eld,
  Arm thou this man, and with thy might strike thou his adver-
   saries down.
2Darbha, thou hast a hundred shields, thou hast a thousand.
   manly powers.
  All Gods have given thee to him to bear thee till extreme old
3They call thee, ‘Darbha, shield of Gods, they call the Brāhmanas-
  They call thee shield of Indra: thou protectest kingdoms from
4Darbha, destroyer of the foe, vexing the hearts of enemies,
  An Amulet that strengthens rule I make thee, and the body's.
5What time Parjanya roared to it with lightning flashes in the sea,
  Thence came the drop, the golden drop, thence Darbha into
   being sprang.

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