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A hymn to Agni for protection and prosperity

1Whithersoe'er, from sky, earth, air's mid-regions from plants ands
   herbs, from tall trees, Jātavedas.
  Is carried here and there to divers places, even thence come thou
   to us with loving-kindness.
2All majesty of thine in floods, in forest, in plants, in cattle, in
   the depths of waters
  Closely uniting all thy forms, O Agni, come unto us wealth-giv-
   ing, undecaying.
3Thy majesty among the Gods in Svarga, thy body which hath
   past into the Fathers.
  Thy plenty far-diffused mid human beings, even with this, O
  Agni, give us riches.
4To him the wise, the famous, swift to listen, with words and
   verses I come nigh for bounty.
  May we be safe from threatening danger. Soften by sacrifice the-
   wrath of Gods, O Agni.

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