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A prayer, accompanying sacrifice, for the attainment of a wish

1The first oblation that Atharvan oared, earliest sacrifice paid by
  Jātavedas, p. 213
  Even this I, foremost, with repeated worship, now offer unto
   thee. May Agni carry the sacrificer's present. Hail to Agni!
2In front I set Intention, blessed Goddess. Mother of thought,
   may she be prompt to hear us.
  Mine, and mine only, be the hope I fashion! May I gain this
   that hath possessed my spirit.
3With Purpose, O Prajāpati, with Purpose come thou near to us.
  Bestow on us a share of luck, and so be swift to hear our call.
4Prajāpati Angirasa with favour regard this word and this my
   settled purpose!
  May he, whence Gods and Deities had being Kāma attend us
   with his gentle guidance.

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