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A hymn to all waters

1Blest be the Streams from hills of snow, sweet be spring Waters
   unto thee.
  Sweet be swift-running Waters, sweet to thee be Water of the
  Rains. p. 212
2Sweet unto thee be Waters of the waste and Waters of the pool.
  Sweet be the Waters dug from earth, to thee, and Waters
   brought in jars.
3To those who delve without a tool to dig, the wise, the deeply
  To Waters better healers than physicians we address our prayer.
4Bathed in the Waters verily divine, in water of the streams,
  Bathed in the Waters verily, O Horses, be ye fleet and strong.
5Blest be the Waters unto thee, suspicious Waters, bringing.
  They cure the injured place for thee even as thy comfort craveth

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