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In praise of Agni

1Sing with fair laud the combat for the cattle. Bestow upon us
   excellent possessions.
  Lead to the Gods the sacrifice we offer: let streams of oil flow
   pure and full of sweetness.
2Agni I first appropriate with power, with splendour, and with
  I give myself children and lengthened life, with Hail! take Agni
   to myself.
3Even here do thou, O Agni, stablish wealth: let not oppressors
   injure thee by thinking of thee first.
  Light be thy task of ruling, Agni, with, thy power: may he who
   worships thee wax strong, invincible.
4Agni hath looked upon the spring of Morning, looked on the
   days, the earliest Jātavedas.
  So, following the gleams of Morning, Sūrya hath entered heaven
   and earth as his possession.
5Agni hath looked upon the spring of Mornings, looked on the
   days, the earliest Jātavedas.
  So he in countless places hath extended, full against heaven and
   earth, the beams of Sūrya. p. a308
6Butter to thee in heaven thy home, O Agni! Manu this day hath
   kindled thee with butter.
  Let the Celestial Daughters bring thee butter: Let cows pour
   butter forth for thee, O Agni.

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