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A hymn to the New Moon

1Forward and backward by their wondrous power move these
   two youths, disporting, round the ocean.
  One views all living things, and thou, the other, art born again
   arranging times and seasons.
2Thou art re-born for ever new: thou marchest, ensign of days,
   in forefront of the mornings.
  Marching thou dealest to the Gods their portion. Thou lengthe-
   nest, Moon! the days of man's existence.
3O spray of Soma, Lord of Wars! all-perfect verily art thou.
  Make me all-perfect, Beauteous One! in riches and in progeny.
4Thou art the New Moon, fair to see, thou art complete in every
  May I be perfect, fully blest in every way in steeds and kine, in
   children, cattle, home, and wealth.
5Inflate thee with his vital breath who hathes us and whom we
  May we grow rich in steeds and kine, in children, cattle, houses,
45With that unwasting stalk which Gods, unwasting Gods, in-
   crease and eat, p. a307
  May Varuna, Brihaspati, and Indra, the Lords and Guardians of
   the world, increase us.

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