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A hymn to the Full Moon

1Full in the front, full rearward, from the middle the Full Moon's
  Night hath conquered in the battle.
  In her: may we, dwelling with Gods and greatness, feast in the
   height of heaven, on strengthening viands. p. a306
2To him, the Full Moon's mighty Bull, we pay our solemn sacri-
  May he bestow upon us wealth unwasting, inexhaustible.
3No one but thou, Prajāpati, none beside thee, pervading, gave
   to all these forms their being.
  Grant us our hearts' desire when we invoke thee: may we have
   store of riches in possession.
4First was the Full Moon meet for adoration among the days and
   in the nights' deep darkness.
  Into thy heaven, O Holy One, have entered those pious men
   who honour thee with worship.

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