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A hymn to the New Moon

1Night of the New-born Moon, whatever fortune the Gods who
   dwell with greatness have assigned thee,
  Therewith fulfil our sacrifice, all-baunteous! Blessed One, grant
   us wealth with manly offspring.
2I am the New Moon's Night, the good and pious are my in-
   habitants, these dwell within me.
  In me have Gods of both the spheres, and Sādhyas, with Indra
   as their chief, all met together.
3The Night hath come, the gatherer of treasures, bestowing
   strength, prosperity, and riches.
  To New Moon's Night let us present oblation: pouring out
   strength, with milk hath she come hither.
4Night of New Moon! ne'er hath been born another than thou
   embracing all these forms and natures,
  May we have what we longed for when we brought thee obla-
   tions: may we be the lords of riches.

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