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A prayer for deliverance from sin and other evils

1Stablished amid the waters is, King Varuna, thy golden home.
  Thence let the Sovran who maintains the statutes loose all bind-
   ing cords.
2Hence free thou us, King Varuna, from each successive bond
   and tie.
  As we have cried, O Varuna! have said, The Waters, they are
   kine, thence set us free, O Varuna.
3Loosen the bonds, O Varuna, that hold us, loosen the bond.
   above, between, and under.
  So before Aditi may we be sinless under thy favouring auspices,
4Varuna, free us from all snares that bind us, Varuna's bonds, the
   upper and the lower.
  Drive from us evil dream, drive off misfortune: then let us pass
   into the world of virtue.

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