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§ 8. Concerning the Three Rings of Solomon, Son of David

One more experiment, which is only incidentally connected with Black Magic, may be cited here, as the complement of those given in the preceding sections. It is scarcely a complete process and is not intelligible as it stands in the Grimorium Verum, where the characters on which it depends are omitted. The scheme presupposes that the operator is in possession of a talisman inscribed with the Pentacles of Solomon, 1 when it is open to him to proceed in accordance with the following directions:--

Compose your circle, but before entering therein, perfume it with musk, amber, aloes-wood and incense. When invoking, the perfume should be incense only. Take care also that

p. 322

you have fire whensoever you make invocation, and fumigate only in the name of the Spirit whom you would call. When placing perfume on the fire, say: I burn this N. in the name and to the honour of N. When invoking, see that you hold the invocation in the left hand, having the rod of elder 1 in your right, while the ladle 2 and knife should be at your feet. These things being arranged, place yourself within the circle; if accompanied, your companions should hold each other by one hand. When within, trace the circle with the Knife of the Art, and take up the rods one after the other, saying the Fiftieth Psalm, namely, Miserere mei. The circle being composed, perfume and sprinkle the same with holy water. Then write the characters at the four corners; let the Spirit be forbidden in formal terms to enter, after which begin the invocations, which must be repeated seven successive times. When the Spirit shall have appeared, cause him to sign the character which you hold in your hands, promising to come always at your call. Ask for whatsoever you deem suitable, and you shall be satisfied. Dismiss him with these words: Go in peace unto your places, and peace be with you until you return at my call. In the name, &c. Amen.


321:1 The grand pentacle, as given by the Grimoire of Honorius, will be found on p. 277.

322:1 See the method for the composition of the Magic Rod according to the Grimorium Verum in the second chapter of this part.

322:2 Not previously mentioned under this name.

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