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§ 7. Concerning the Mirror of Solomon, suitable for all Kinds of Divination

The following process is found in the Grimorium Verum and in some other compilations. It is a mode of divination akin to that given in the preceding section. It does not connect with Black Magic except by the use of blood and is really an auto-hypnotic experiment fortified by conventional ceremonies.

To Compose the Mirror of Solomon

In the Name o the Lord, Amen. Ye shall behold in this mirror all things whatsoever that ye may desire. In the Name of the Lord Who is blessed, in the Name of the Lord, Amen.

In the first place, ye shall do no fleshly actions, nor sin in thought or deed, during the period hereinafter prescribed. In the second place, ye shall perform many good works of piety and mercy. In the third place, take a shining and well-polished plate of fine steel, slightly concave, and with the blood of a white pigeon inscribe thereon--to wit, at the four corners--the names JEHOVA, ELOYM, METATRON, ADONAY. Place the said steel in a clean and white cloth. Now, when ye shall behold the new moon during the first hour after sunset, draw nigh unto a window, look up to Heaven with devotion, and say: O Eternal! O King Eternal! God ineffable! Thou Who hast created all things for love of men, and by a secret

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judgment for the health of man, do Thou deign to look upon me, N., Thy most unworthy servant, and upon this my intention. Vouchsafe to send unto me Thine Angel ANAËL, even upon this mirror, who doth order, command and ordain his companions and Thy subjects, whom Thou hast made, O Thou Almighty

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[paragraph continues] Lord, Who hast been, Who art, Who shall remain eternally, that in Thy Name they may judge and act justly, instructing me in all that I shall require of them.

Lastly, cast upon burning coals a suitable perfume, and while casting it say: In this, by this, and with this, which I pour out before Thy face, O God, my God, Who art blessed,

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Three and One, and in the most sublime exaltation, Who sittest above the Cherubim and above the Seraphim, Who wilt judge the world by fire, hear Thou me!

Repeat this three times, and having done so, breathe also thrice upon the mirror, and say: Come, ANAËL, come, and may it be thy good pleasure to be with me by thy will, in the Name of the Father most mighty, in the Name of the Son most wise, in the Name of the Holy Spirit most living! Come, ANAËL, in the Name of the terrible Jehovah! Come, ANAËL, by the virtue of the immortal Elohim! Come, ANAËL, by the right arm of the almighty METATRON! Do thou come unto me, N. (here repeat your name over the mirror), and so command thy subjects that in love, joy and peace, they may make manifest unto my eyes the things which are hidden from me. So be it. Amen.

Having said and done as above, lift your eyes to heaven and say: O Lord Almighty, Who dost cause all things to move according to Thy good pleasure, hear Thou my prayer, and may my desire be agreeable unto Thee! Lord, O Lord, if Thou wilt, condescend to look upon this mirror and bless it, that so ANAËL, one of Thy servants, may Pause thereon with his companions, to satisfy me, N., Thy poor and humble servant, O God, blessed and exalted above all the heavenly Spirits, Who livest and reignest for ever and ever. Amen.

When you shall have accomplished these things, make the sign of the Cross upon yourself and upon the mirror on the first and following days for forty-five days in succession, at the end of which time Anaël will appear to you under the form of a beautiful child, will salute you, and will command his companions to obey you. Observe--says the process in its

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benignity--that it does not invariably require forty-five days to compose the mirror. The Angel will frequently appear on the fourteenth day, according to the intention, devotion and fervour of the operator. When he shall appear, ask of him that which you desire, and pray him to come at all times, whensoever you shall invoke him, to grant your demands. On subsequent occasions, when you desire to see in this mirror, it is not necessary to recite all the prayers as above provided, but having perfumed it, say only: Come ANAËL, come, according to thy good pleasure, &c.

To dismiss him, say: I thank thee, ANAËL, because thou hast appeared and hast satisfied my demands. Do thou therefore depart in peace, and return when I shall call thee.

The perfume of Anaël is saffron.

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