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p. 40


OD be my witness that I have not learned this Science out of curiosity, nor in order to avail myself of it for an evil purpose, but rather to use it for the honour and glory of my, 1 for mine own use, and for that of my neighbour; and I have never wished to employ it for vain and vile things, but I have always laboured with all my strength to aid all creatures, friends and enemies, faithful and unfaithful, as well the one as the other, with a perfect will and a good heart, and I have also made use of it for the animals.

I have before cited certain examples in order to show unto thee that God Almighty doth not in any way grant the Art or the Science unto a person in order that he may use it for himself alone, but in order that he may provide for the needs of others, and of those who do not possess this Sacred Science. This is why I pray every one to follow mine example, and if he doeth otherwise the Malediction of the Lord will fall upon him, and as for myself I shall be excusable and innocent before God, and before all men.

In the Third Book there will be found a very beautiful garden, 2 the like of which assuredly no one hath ever made, and which no King nor Emperor hath ever possessed. He who shall wish to be as an industrious Bee therein, can there suck the honey which it containeth in abundance; but if he shall maliciously wish to transform himself into a Spider, he can also draw poison from thence. God, however, accordeth and giveth His Grace,

p. 41

not unto the Evil, but unto the Good; and if it seemeth unto thee that some chapters of the Third Book can be rather applied unto Evil and unto the hurt of our neighbour, than unto a useful end; each one shall know that I have so placed them, in order that we may understand that this Science can be applied alike for Evil or for Good, as I will show thee more fully in the other Books. We must then study to flee the Evil and to obtain all the Forces of Good. He who shall act thus all the days of his life shall have the succour and assistance of the faithful, benign and holy Angels; and he who shall use it for Evil shall be abandoned by the same Angels, and shall be in the power of the Treacherous Enemy, who never faileth to obey the commands of such an one to work Evil, in order to render him his slave. It is necessary to have as a general rule and maxim which never faileth, that whenever thou shalt see a man filled with an extraordinary desire to procure this operation for himself, if thou wishest to give it unto him, it is necessary to test his sincerity and his intentions, and delay him, according to the instructions which I give unto thee in these three Books. And if he seeketh to obtain it by indiscreet methods, and sayeth unto thee that this operation may be true or not true, feigning doubts in order to compel thee to give it unto him, or that he maketh use of other stratagems, thou mayest then conclude that such a man walketh not in the Way of the Lord. If any person wisheth it in a way opposed to that which God employeth to grant it, this would be presumptuous.

And if any person seeketh to obtain it not for himself, (but for either) a child or a relative, who is not such as he should be who receiveth so great a treasure; he who shall grant it unto him shall be culpable of a great evil, and shall himself lose the Grace and Wisdom of the Lord, .and shall deprive his heirs of the same eternally.

If a man of evil life, whom one shall feel by means

p. 42

of this Sacred Science will persist in his evil way of life, shall come unto thee to seek this Sacred Science, it is probable that such a man doth not desire to use it for good and in a right intention, but that having received it, he will use it for evil. I have also in such case myself, however, seen and felt that God, Who penetrateth the secret of our hearts, hath put by indirect means obstacles in the way of such an one's success, causing difficulties to arise of one kind and another. So that he who at the first wisheth to possess this Science in order to use it against his neighbour, and to commit all sorts of abominations, manifesteth himself as an unworthy person unto him who had resolved to give it unto him.

Shun Commerce, and the converse of those who actually in the search for this Science shall do and say all things which tend to Evil; seeing that such men can become the Enchanters of the Devil. Thou shalt know the rest hereafter in the other Books. Here I am very prolix upon this point, and I am exaggerating much, because it is certain that once the Operation is given in due form, it is AN IRREVOCABLE ACT.

But if, on the other hand, after an exact examination and inquisition thou shalt find a person tranquil and sincere, thou must aid him, because God Who hath aided thee wisheth also to aid him; unto this end hath He put into thine hands this Sacred Science.

Thou must make every effort to procure peace amongst those who are at discord, and sworn enemies among themselves; and it is imperative to do good unto every one, this being the sole and true means of rendering favourable unto thee, God, the Angels, and Men; and of making the DEMON thy slave, and obedient in all and through all. And such an one shall pass the rest of his life with a good and right conscience, in honour and peace, with contentment, and useful unto all beings. I entreat those who shall be possessors of a so great treasure

p. 43

to employ it in the proper manner, and never to cast it before swine.

Thou shalt use it for thyself, O LAMECH, MY son, but of the fruit which thou shalt draw therefrom, thou shalt make partakers those who have need, and the more thou shalt give, the more shall thy means increase. The same shall happen unto him to whom thou shalt give it.

In these regions and countries we are slaves, and justly afflicted for our sins and those of our fathers; however, we ought to serve the Lord in the best manner which shall be possible unto us.

And by such an one shall the Treasure be kept secret, and shall be given unto his heirs as far as he can, being ware of disinheriting them in order to give it unto others, and of causing it to fall into the hands of the Infidels, or of rendering the Wicked possessors thereof.


40:1 Here a word is evidently omitted in the MS. by a slip. It should probably read "of my God".

40:2 This is a very usual expression in Qabalistic Books to denote a valuable collection of Occult or Magical information.

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