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p. 38


T being understood that in this operation we have to do with a Great and Powerful Enemy, whom through our own weakness and human strength or science we cannot resist without particular aid and assistance from the Holy Angels, and from the Lord of the Good Spirits; it is necessary that each one should always have God before his eyes, and in no way offend Him. On the other hand, he must always be upon his guard, and abstain as from a mortal sin from flattering, obeying, regarding, or having respect to the DEMON, and to his Viperine Race; neither must he submit himself unto him in the slightest thing, for that would be his ruin and the fatal loss of his soul. As it happened unto all the seed descended from NOAH, LOT, ISHMAEL, and others who did possess the blessed land (before our forefathers) who inherited this Wisdom from father to son, from family to family; but in the course of time having lent an ear unto the Treacherous Enemy, they let themselves be turned away from the Veritable Path, and did lose the True Science which they had received from God by the means of their fathers, and gave themselves over unto Superstitious Sciences, and unto Diabolical Enchantments, and unto Abominable Idolatries, the which was the cause that thereafter God did chastise them, defy 1 them, and chase them from their country; and did introduce in their stead our predecessors; from which same errors again later came the cause of our present misery and servitude, the which will last even unto the end of the world; since they in no way wished to know the Gift which God had given unto them, but instead abandoned it to embrace and follow the deceits of the DEMON.

p. 39

This is wherefore each one should take care to submit himself unto him 1 neither by acts, nor by words, nor by thoughts, because he is so adroit and prompt that he can seize one unexpectedly; just as a Spider may take a Bird. 2 Let that miserable Bohemian and the others whom I have before mentioned, serve thee for an example to avoid (even as they did unto me).

In the commencement of the Operation there appeareth a Man of Majestic Appearance, who with great affability doth promise unto thee marvellous things. Consider all this as pure vanity, for without the permission of God he can give nothing; but he will do it unto the damage and prejudice, ruin and eternal damnation of whomsoever putteth faith in him, and believeth in him; as we may see in the Holy Scripture in the matter Of PHARAOH and his adherents, the which despised the Veritable and certain Wisdom of MOSES and AARON, and were in the beginning backed up by the Devil who showed them by the means of Enchantments that he could both do and put in practice all the works of the aforesaid holy men, whence he ultimately did reduce them to such a condition of obstinacy and blindness, that without perceiving their own error and the deceit of the DEMON, they were cruelly chastised by God with divers plagues, and were at last all drowned in the Red Sea. This is wherefore in conclusion I say unto thee in few words, that we must rely upon God alone, and put all our confidence in Him.


38:1 Les deffit.

39:1 I.e., the Demon.

39:2 There is a very large species of Spider, which can even capture and kill small birds, but it is only met with in tropical regions, especially in Central America and Martinique; the zoological name of this species is Mygalé.

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