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i. Adversus Nationes, ii. 13; Hildebrand (G. F.), p. 136 (Halle, 1844).


(Arnobius complains that the followers of the philosophic schools laugh at the Christians, and selects especially the adherents of a certain tradition as follows:)

You, you I single out, who belong to the school of Hermes, or of Plato and Pythagoras, and the rest of you who are of one mind and walk in union in the same paths of doctrine. 2


230:1 He was a converted philosopher, and the teacher of Lactantius; flourished about 304 A.D.

230:2 Here again, as elsewhere, Hermes comes first; he was evidently regarded as the leader of philosophic theology as contrasted with popular Christian dogmatics. See R. 306.

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