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Copyright, 1910, by de Laurence, Scott & Co., Publishing Department.

A sincere and true message to all faithful Brother Mystics and those who may wish to join this Occult Organization which exists here and in the Astral or unseen world.

Given under and by the direction of the great Occult Organization and Brotherhood of Magic for the never ending advancement of human souls through Dr. L. W. de Laurence, whose supreme desire is to educate capable and sincere brothers and sisters to act in concert with our Brotherhood of unseen Mystics and teach them the work that they must do preparatory thereto.

I, Dr. L. W. de Laurence, do hereby state, truly, and positively, that I know that the existence of a powerful Occult Organization and Brotherhood of Mystics, both here and in the great unseen world, to be an incontestable truth; and, furthermore, that I KNOW that the Science and Art of Magic as operated by these Mystics is worthy of faithful investigation.

Furthermore, be it known to all the world, and especially so unto him or her into whose hands this message may come, not by reason of their own solicitation, or by advertisement, but by their own Astral influence and Occult magnetism, that the hereinafter simple message to Brother Mystics and those who desire to rid themselves of the bonds and shackles of gross ignorance, theology, superstition and materialism, regarding the famous "Magic Mirror," that wonderful Astral Instrument so long used by leading Mystics, Adepts, and Occult workers for communication and preparatory development for communication between the two worlds, will help all who heed.

This message hereinafter written I have given verbatim as it has come to me, under the direction of the great Brotherhood of Mystics from the unseen Astral world.

p. 289

Every soul will rest at some mile-post in life
Those never ending, unnumbered, unknown points
All void, vacant, and dark.
Yet, be still, for as it looks once more

A multitude assembled;
Unnumberable Astral souls reveal a force Supreme,
Invincible for human advancement,
The annulment of man-made law;

The concert uplifting and educating of humanity.
Listen, Oh ye capable brothers, for out of darkness
Comes this Mystic Message


Part One.


UNTIL YOU, BROTHER AND SISTER "KNOW THYSELF" AND THE POSSIBILITIES OF "THYSELF," BY AND THROUGH THE UNDERSTANDING OF "SELF," AND ARE ABLE TO kindle the Astral fire within, there is labor for us to perform in assisting you in your preparatory work thereto.

The shackles and chains of centuries, of cycles of ages, of antiquity, are riven at length by their own corroding and heart-eating rust (materialism).

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Let ye, oh brother and sister listen most attentively, for no shackle or bond that comes of theology, darkness or superstition, or gross ignorance, can ever endure the full light of inner truth nor the full dawn of the day.

To carry this work onward to its and your own full success we must have true, faithful, sincere and capable brothers on the Earth Plane who have common sense (sense that is not common), and who will act in full concert with us for the uplifting and Occult Education of humanity.

No city code, or man-made law, can overthrow, annul or set aside the laws of God (SELF, NATURE).

The progressive Mystic who has received his or her Occult Education will always act unselfishly, for they have by their education become Nature's (GOD'S) own legitimate and true instrument in human advancement.

They have steadfastly met and overthrown error, superstition, theology, ignorance, and arrogance in high and so-called holy places, and have thus denied the so-called Divine right of Kings, Ministers and Priests, and those who would scoff at spiritism.

They have without hesitation uprooted and overthrown the rule

p. 290

of despot and tyrant, have led true brothers and sisters with the potent weapon of mental thought and Astral force, to triumph over superstition and ignorance, and will finally be the means of ending the reign of the beasts of materialism and selfishness who can exist only for a time, and times, and half time.

Before the truths of our Brotherhood and Occult Organization the bonds and shackles of fettered humanity are destined to melt as snow beneath the Sun of Aries.

Do not be so foolish as to ask whether you are a Mystic or whether you can develop sufficiently to become identified with this great Occult Organization and ultimately communicate directly and personally with the unseen Brotherhood.

Each and every sensible and true soul possesses within itself these possibilities which are simply the attributes of Divine Soul Powers. Of course you may suppress and crucify them, or permit them to lie dormant, but only to your own loss and sorrow; or you can allow them to thrive and bloom, like the lotus blossoms on the river Nile, to a beauty and power that will allow you to outstep those who have devoted themselves to more inferior studies and pursuits.

Are you superstitious? Are you orthodox? Are you stingy? Are you selfish? Are you a doubting Tom? Ask yourself these questions.

These are the deep, treacherous, underlying false conditions you must combat and overcome. Can you lay aside these selfish or superstitious instincts and work for the good and uplifting of all worthy Brothers and Sisters instead of the aggrandizement of self? If you can, then you are welcome to our Astral Organization and great Occult Brotherhood.

If such you are, then we stretch out to you a helping hand over the infinite spaces, from the dim, forgotten centuries, and recognize you as a true brother or sister and comrade. You may rest assured, and the future will prove the truth of this statement, that the reign of truth and absolute justice and absolute unselfishness ultimately will come to every planet. To such culmination the progress of earth life is marked with every vicissitude that change and man-made laws may imply.

When such a condition has been brought about the planetary forces that previously indicated so much sorrow and suffering are discovered to be essential to perfect social organization.

’Tis thus the condition of adversity is turned into the force of perpetuity; the disappointments of failures and obstruction and slow decay are turned into a condition of sure, safe advancement.

Infinite force and infinite intelligence are infinitely good. If what you read here stirs the soul and smoldering forces within you it is the responding cry of your true spiritual self—your true Ego—the Astral self, recognizing and responding to the desires and vibrations of the eternal SELF.

It rests entirely with you whether this warning and recognition bears fruit or not.

p. 291

If you decide to act, ponder and consider well our advice. "BE SILENT." "Be ye wise as serpents but harmless as doves." A seed before it sprouts lies concealed, secret and silent in the dark earth.

It is in this condition that it finds its real and only opportunity for growth and development.

Antagonistic elements can only sweep over it while it lies concealed; its work, growth and development goes silently on. Such must be your self-development. So must your Astral and Soul Forces develop while silently hid in yourself.

Neither money nor position will buy true knowledge, nor can they destroy true knowledge.

Astral Powers, and Soul Forces, cannot be measured with money. Your Magical powers and great Astral possibilities must spring to life within yourself. Jesus, the greatest Master that ever lived, said: "Seek ye the Kingdom of God within you." We admonish you likewise.

See well to it that you heed. You may be so orthodox as to think that you should not heed and investigate, believing that the esoteric should not be investigated, or that your development should not be accelerated.

There is no subject, be it esoteric or exoteric, that is too sacred for true investigation, and it is the peculiar province of the True Mystic to desire to reason on all bidden and Astral forces with the utmost care.

The health of body, the energy and confidence that an ardor for truth and power inspires, mark his progress. No doubters, no laggard, no dotard, charlatan, no miser, no selfish one may ever hope to succeed, or ever overtake the fleeting feet of true Occultism and esoteric truths.

The true Master, Adept or Mystic must possess a will and intelligence that develops and brightens with attrition.

No scoffer, no obstacle, should daunt him, no condition should bar him, nothing should hinder or discourage him in his Astral development and search after truth.

He must acquire secret Knowledge and Mystic powers as a miser does his wealth to hold—his soul his strong-box; but, unlike the miser, he can give of his store and yet retain his all.

Steadfastness and purity of purpose and self are a necessary requisite while traveling the rugged path of Occultism and Mystic development.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

We cannot enter into diseased or sensual conditions.

We may and desire to set those Astral forces in operation that will assuage deep-seated sorrow and physical suffering, but we cannot be expected to bring sweet music out of inharmonious notes.

To attempt to do so would of course be foolish and result in deep injury to ourselves. So we say, BE PURE, save your vital forces and preserve them long into old age.

The true Mystic and real Master never dissipates his physical or sex forces. The dissolute, sensual man does. The unspent

p. 292

and preserved sex and germinal forces surrounds you with a beautiful purple aura, which envelops you always greatly to your honor as well as being conducive to your development.

This beautiful aura and strength-giving element is dissipated and destroyed by sensual acts and animal instincts. When this purple Astral Aura is preserved and its supply constantly increased from day to day by pure acts and thoughts you will possess the means necessary for your development and the practice of true Occultism and Magic.

Heed thee, then, that your Aura remains purple, unimpaired and preserved. For this reason children are many times clairvoyant and possess Spirit and Astral Sight when their parents do not.


It now becomes our province to direct and indicate the way and manner best suited for communication with the unseen world.

Try and fulfill all the requirements that we have indicated in the fore part of this communication and those which hereinafter follow, especially those relating to the preparation and use of the MAGIC MIRROR.

However, should you fail, do not be discouraged or cast down.—BE FAITHFUL. Faithfulness and application are all that will ever accelerate your development.

Persevere. To "him or her who is faithful much help and assistance will be given. At some future time, should you decide to become a brother or sister of this Occult Organization, you will know our meaning of the above; for we assure you we know full well how to handle this problem that has vexed so many who insist in developing in their own foolish way.

However, after you start, should no apparent results be obtained, keep on, be faithful, persevere, if necessary, for many years, yea, a lifetime.

Results and your capacity for work and perseverance will indicate the degree of your development and advancement as a true brother and faithful Mystic, while the cardinal principles of true Co-ordination will promote and signify the progress of your development and communication.

Of course, if you really wish to identify yourself with our Occult Organization and enter into such a relationship with us that you can communicate, you must place yourself, of your own free will and accord, in harmony and accord with those vibratory Astral forces which Co-ordinate with our own.

To obtain this class of vibratory forces you should read, then carefully re-read, this message many times until you thoroughly understand its real esoteric meaning.

Next most carefully decide and fix in your mind just the kind of an ideal life you think a true Mystic should live. Examine yourself as you would a peck of wheat, seeking both the inferior and superior grains or qualities.

p. 293

Take heed of each inferior quality and virtue you possess. Then, like a true man or woman, decide to live what you believe to be the true ideal Mystical life.

After you do this see to it that you live the ideal life and you will bless the day and hour that this message came unsolicited by you.

Until you so live the ideal life, do not expect to co-ordinate with us. Should you decide upon an ideal Mystical life many questions will come to you.

Anticipating this there follows here the answer to all important ones. First—Good, pure, unselfish thoughts are absolutely essential and demanded. Remember, you seek to identify yourself with the greatest and really only true Occult Organization in the world.

A pure mind keeps away all vain fancies and mental delusions. Seek and you will find.

Aspire and you will be inspired. Perform any good deed you can; do not defer a good deed nor a laudable ambition.

The proper time to do anything is when ambition inspires you to do it. Then your energy is sustained by a free and natural ardor and desire, and you are assisted by a clear conception, unclouded by procrastination, which acts most effectively for success.

By living a pure mental and physical condition, and rounding out your existence by constantly keeping before you the ideal life of the advanced Mystic, you should rapidly advance to a degree of spiritual light and Astral coördination where we may be able to establish intelligent communication with you.

But remember, it all depends upon your faithfulness and capacity to persevere until you have advanced to a point where you can place yourself in a sphere of vibratory Astral forces that will admit of perfect coördination.


Now if you have begun to live the ideal life and have arisen to a degree where we can coöperate with you through your Aura, you are now in a state where you can seek coördination, communication and relationship with us through a Magic Mirror.

Every wise Mystic constructs his own Opaque Magic Mirror, not because it could not be made for him, but because, if he constructs it himself, it will be more certain to serve the occult purpose for which it was made.

It will also more fully co-equal with his own cloisteral and monastic personality.

A Magic Mirror made under these circumstances, with an intense desire in the Disciple to succeed, will not be a means of preventing sodality and exclusive association between himself and the Astral world, as would one constructed by another, impregnated and perverted with their selfish corporeal magnetism and depressed lustreless Aura, which always serves as a bar to your complete coalesce and association with those in spirit life.

If you wish to succeed, disassociate yourself with any individual

p. 294

whose sole object and pursuit is financial gain, or who is of a mercenary nature.

If you make it a rule in life to disassociate yourself with any person who has a parsimonious, stingy nature and who is always curmudgeonly in his dealings, you will be better off.

Stay entirely away from those of a churlish, penurious disposition, as they will surround you with a muddy, mottled Aura or magnetism which will hold you back like a heavy fog or dismal vapor.

For this reason, unless you are careful, it is best to always live a sequestered and monastic life as far as your business and earthly pursuits will allow.

Far better that you remain untrammeled than to have to do with the close-handed and niggardly. Never get intimate or confidential with them or their kind.—Have no dealings with them, as they are surrounded with an Aura that means death to your hopes.

Shun them as you would an abominable, odious, damnable thing, for if you could see them in their true light, as the Mystic can, you would shrink and recoil from them as you would from something that was loathsome and nauseating—accursed.

Now, should you be interested enough to follow further, and it is purely your own affair whether you do or not, you are going to be told that if you were in a position to see clearly, that is to say, if your spiritual or Astral sight was developed, you would be able to observe many things which are low and unbecoming in those around you.


If you doubt this, it's because it is concealed from you owing to the fact that you only possess the physical sight. These things can only be observed by those who have Spirit Sight at will.

Does not your so-called Christian Bible, the toy and the mystery which the material minister and priest exhort over like a clod-pate of a jack-a-dandy, tell you to "develop the inner or spiritual sight"?

Common sense should indicate that it is your plain duty to possess Astral or Spirit Sight, which the ancients called the inner or spiritual sight.

If you wish to own a real, genuine Opaque Magic Mirror and be able to make it exactly as it was made by famous ancient Mystics so that it will possess Occult Virtue and become infused with Astral Auras, then proceed as hereinafter instructed, in this message, by this prerogative court and Brotherhood of Mystics.

Foremost, procure unto thyself the following materials from Messrs. de Laurence, Scott & Co., with which to make your own Opaque Magic Mirror.

One Convexo-Concave superior transparent glass* which has a perfect and complete sphericity of form on the properly indicated side; manufactured by a certain secret process and formed by infusing silicious matter with fixed alkalies; but so constructed

p. 295

that it possesses none of the qualities of the lens, so that rays of Astral light passing through it are not made to change their direction or to magnify or diminish objects at a certain distance, as does the crystalline humour of the human eye.

In other words, this exclusive Convexo-Concave superior transparent glass must be so made by a special process that it has no mitigating, assuasive or lenitive qualities whatsoever.

Its exact size must be 5 9/16 × 7 10/16 inches.

Next obtain a sufficient amount of a secret bituminiferous substance like that used by the ancient mystics and old philosophers for this very purpose.

Also one small brush; very fine. The entire cost of the above materials, securely packed and sent in a special mailing case to any postoffice address in the world, should not exceed the amount of $3.00.

The materials referred to above were positively, previous to this communication, not obtainable anywhere in the world arranged ready for instant use.

Next obtain a box with a lid on to hold your mirror. Next procure one yard of new cloth. These are special materials from which you can make a genuine superior Opaque Magic Mirror.

The material for making a Superior Magic Mirror, that is, the Convexo-Concave transparent non-magnifying superior glass, 5 9/16 × 7 10/16 inches, and the secret bituminiferous substance to be used for coating your Magic Mirror, and the fine brush also to be used to apply the coating, you must obtain as told above, of Messrs. de Laurence, Scott & Co.

The box for holding the Magic Mirror, the yard of cloth and the pint of turpentine which you will also need, you of course can easily obtain yourself at a nominal cost from the stores where you reside.

These Convexo-Concave superior glasses for making the Magic Mirrors are prepared especially for this purpose and are only sold by Messrs. de Laurence, Scott & Co., who are the biggest and only official dealers in these materials as well as standard Occult, Spiritual and Magical books and Temple Incense in the world.

They are also official and direct importers, maintaining permanent offices and connections in India and the Orient for the importing of such materials as Temple Incense and costly essences which are used by the Priests and Mystics in the Orient and Hindu Occult Chambers.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

* These particular superior transparent glasses, from which a Magic Mirror can be made, can not be obtained of anyone in the world outside of Messrs. de Laurence, Scott & Co., notwithstanding that after the publication and circulation of this Message others may offer them for sale.

So, unless you know that your dealer obtains them from this firm direct, you have no assurance they are genuine. Unless they are genuine and made after the special process as above, they will fail to serve the purpose for which you have obtained them.

p. 296

To prevent this, obtain materials direct from this firm, or tell your dealer to do so. To prevent the sale of spurious materials for the making of genuine Opaque Magic Mirrors by unscrupulous dealers who will be anxious to supply you after the publication and circulation of this message, you should write Messrs. de Laurence, Scott & Co., direct and they will advise you by return mail whether your dealer is obtaining his materials from them or not, or whether he is imposing upon you.

They also sell, at a small cost, an excellent sphere or Crystal, which no Mystic or Adept ever thinks of being without. See pages 308-309.

A Mystic or real Adept would be in no better shape to carry on Occult or Mystical work without his Rock Crystal or "Hindu Beryl," or an imported "Astral Sphere," than would a man who tried to write with no ink in his pen. Messrs. de Laurence, Scott & Co. have on exhibition in their offices a genuine Rock Crystal or Hindu Beryl—imported Astral Sphere—value of which is $150.00, the same being the personal property of Dr. L. W. de Laurence, who has repeatedly refused $500 cash for it.

Students and Mystics as well as others owe much to this progressive firm, whose business has increased so rapidly that they have been compelled to move in larger quarters, and there is a possibility that they may be compelled to erect their own building as their business is increasing daily.

This firm imports from the Orient and Europe and in turn exports books and other goods to every country in the world. Dr. L. W. de Laurence's name is as well known in South Africa, Gold Coast Africa, India and British West Indies as it is in Europe and the United States. After a careful canvass and checking up of sales it was found that there was not a city nor town in the United States but what sheltered one or more students who had purchased and studied this famous man's books.

Another thing students have this firm to thank for is their bold manner of stopping dealers in charging exorbitant prices for official books and materials necessary to carry on Occult work.

A case in point is their recent publication of a fine edition of that famous book sold in London entitled, "The Mysteries of Magic," by Eliphas Levi. Importers and London dealers sold this book at $3.75, prepaid, cheaply gotten up; de Laurence, Scott & Co obtained a copy, set their typesetters, their platemakers, their printers and binders to work, and published a modern edition of this excellent work on Occultism and Magic, bound it in red silk and stamped it in pure gold and sold it all over the world for $2.00, prepaid, thereby saving sincere students $1.75 on this one book.

Still another case: "India's Hood Unveiled," "Spirit Sight At Will," written by a native of South India, was being sold from India at a high price, published in paper covers.

Today de Laurence, Scott & Co. have their own exclusive edition of this work on the market for $2.00, prepaid, finely bound.

Dr. L. W. de Laurence has given to the world, with the sole

object of forming "The Congress of the Ancient Divine Mental 

p. 297

[paragraph continues] & Christian Masters," to date, five grand "Text Books," namely: First, "The Imminence of God"—"Know Thyself"; Second, "God the Bible Truth and Christian Theology"; Third, "Zoroaster, the Great Persian"; Fourth, "A Question of Miracles"; Fifth, "Superstition in All Ages."

These works are having an unprecedented sale and edition after edition is rolling from the presses.

When these works get well into circulation they will be the foundation and credentials for the greatest Congress and Brotherhood ever known.

However, not wishing to digress too far from the subject matter in our message to you, we will return, but then it's well for you to know these things, which are true, for no man in the world today can produce the results that Dr. de Laurence has. He has written and published and put into circulation a larger number of standard Occult works than any man who has ever lived before in the world, and it is unlikely that any one man ever will equal this great master in this respect.

"The Great Book of Magical Art," Hindu Magic and East India Occultism, a large volume weighing six pounds, was issued ten years ago by him. All admit that this work is the only reliable and standard work on this subject in print. The first edition, owing to the great cost of publishing, were sold for $12.00 per copy. Dealers in rare books bought this work through their puppets and resold it for $25.00, $50.00 and $150.00 a copy.

Dr. de Laurence immediately stopped its publication for three years, being greatly displeased at this.

Messrs. de Laurence, Scott & Co. now sell this celebrated volume, bound in full cloth, for $6.75, prepaid.

This of course killed the rare-book dealers' little game. It is needless to say that any work which has sold day in and day out for ten years and is still enjoying a large sale is a Standard work.


Part Two.

MESSAGE PART TWO: The turpentine, which you are to obtain where you live, you are to use to thoroughly clean your brush and convexo concave glass with. The bituminiferous substance, with which you are to coat the Magic Mirror so as to make it opaque, you will receive from Messrs. de Laurence, Scott & Co., ready mixed, and will not need diluting unless it should be too thick; in this event, mix a little turpentine into it.

The brush MUST be new, as must be all the materials used in the construction of your opaque Magic Mirror.

The box, which you are to obtain where you reside, may be of wood, but new. The cloth, which you are to obtain where you reside, should be of purple or blue, and of goods very agreeable to your touch and sight. If you cannot obtain blue or purple,

p. 298

get green or white, but under no circumstances use red. Wrap your Magic Mirror in the cloth when not in use and keep it in the box.

With all materials ready you are to pass into a room by yourself when all conditions are agreeable, and proceed as hereinafter instructed. With a piece of new cloth (a small piece will do) clean the concave glass of dust after dipping the cloth in turpentine. This will cause the bituminiferous substance to adhere to the glass when you apply it. Dip your brush also into the turpentine, wipe it off, then proceed to paint or coat the convex side of the glass with the bituminiferous substance.

The outside of the glass is the convex side and is the side to coat. Don't coat the concave or inside. Start coating at one end of glass and proceed slowly until you reach the other end. Apply the bituminiferous substance smoothly and as evenly as possibly, not resting for any other purpose until you have entirely finished your work. You must not go back over the glass, as any imperfection or streak in the coating can be remedied by the next coat you are to apply on another day. You are to apply three coats, as above, which will be necessary to make this specially prepared convexo-concave superior transparent glass Opaque, on three different days.


After you have prepared the convexo-concave glass as above, allow it to dry while you are washing your hands, etc. Next proceed to infuse into it the particular individual virtues of your own aura and magnetism. This is accomplished as follows: Pass the right hand, palm down, in a circular motion over the Mirror after each coating—your hand being about two inches above it. Repeat with the left hand. Then operate as above, with both hands at once. You should, however, make any kind of a motion over the glass that you feel impressed to make. Do all this with confidence, as it certainly pertains to your own individuality. You should make no fancy motions for effect, but should keep your mind solemnly on your task. Let your movements be deliberate and regular. See to it that the palms pass close to both sides of the glass. At times allow the hands to stop near both ends of the glass. It is not the movements of your hands, of course, that infuses and magnetizes the bituminiferous substance. It is your aura, which you have projected and transmitted into it. This bituminiferous substance is of such a nature that it readily absorbs your vital Aura and magnetism. It is the only substance known that will do this so well, and the secret of its preparation is known only to Dr. L. W. de Laurence, who has received it direct from the unseen Mystics. Some may scoff at this, however—be that as it may—it is true, nevertheless, and you should not be influenced by any sort of sophistry.

Be sure that you give this bituminiferous substance ample time to take on and absorb your Astral Aura so that it becomes thoroughly infused and well impregnated with it while you are in a

p. 299

perfectly quiet mental state of deep meditation, all the while keeping before you the ideal Mystic life you have decided upon living.

After you feel that you have about exhausted your Aura and that it has been absorbed by the substance on the Mirror you should stop. Before and during the process of making your Magic Mirror let yourself be prompted only by high aspirations and pure desires. Drive out all worry and thought of self and earthly desires by meditating on your work and the purpose for which you have made your Mirror. Read and re-read this message before you begin this work. After you have prepared the Magic Mirror then lay it upon a piece of heavy paper or cardboard, the coated side up; place it in the box to dry, some place where it will not be disturbed and the atmosphere is of an even temperature, or nearly so.

Allow the cardboard to remain under the glass until you have on three different days recoated and re-infused or magnetized it. You now have a Magic Mirror whose opaqueness will be perfect, and it will be ready for use three days after you apply the last coat. These are the only complete instructions ever given out to the world in print for this work, and it is given without thought or desire for pay—it being our desire and request that it be given free to all who are far enough advanced to appreciate their great value.

The entire cost of printing and mailing this information to you will be paid personally by Dr. L. W. de Laurence. The amount is not a small one, as you know when you consider that we have directed it to be mailed to 25,000 people, and as you are one of these, we trust that you will realize that our only object is to show you that we have recognized you as a brother-sister and comrade.

After you have finished the first, second and last coating, clean your brush with turpentine and put it aside for future use. Also cork up your bituminiferous substance tightly, as it is a rare and very expensive preparation.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Once started, keep steadily on living your ideal Mystical life, as near as your conditions and family, if you be married, affairs will allow. Examine yourself at the end of each day and resolve to do better the next. Try and avoid lapses. Live a life that each hour, each week, each month and each year makes you better morally and stronger physically. Help those who are worthy and need assistance.

This kind of a life will surely bring you health, peace of soul, and the inspiration to do good will become stronger, as will your desire for truth and goodness. If you do this you will really feel yourself getting stronger and better. You will feel your Astral and spiritual self unfolding. As you perfect yourself and succeed in Astral attainments so will you attract to yourself by your Aura higher and purer forces and aspirations. With these there will come to you, and be added unto you, Astral and Mystical powers that will well repay you for your efforts—the power that will

p. 300

make you a power and a Mystic. Remember, Brother and Sister, that each should give according to his or her ability and will receive according to his or her capacity.

This development, this inspiration, this Astral unfoldment, this progress, these powers—all these—and more—must come from within—for, remember, "The Kingdom of God Is Within You." Without this unfoldment of your Astral self all the spirits and Astral Powers in the Universe might be ready to help you and obey your invocation, but no results would follow their ministrations. You must unfold. Astral Powers, Astral Sight, and, Spirit Sight Must unfold from within you.

You can blindly follow the childish instructions and methods of the so-called professors and mediums and surface writers and so-called authors until you are sore tired, heartbroken and discouraged, and you will never even be able to receive intelligently an Astral or mental impression from the unseen World, let alone being able to co-ordinate and enter into intelligent communication.

With a heart destitute of selfishness, with your soul on fire for humanity, and a mind desiring and aspiring for help and truth, always desiring to engage in good Occult works—all these the fruits of a good life—you will need and shall have our help and companionship.

Once your Magic Mirror has been constructed strictly according to our direction in this message it will be necessary of course for you to give us an opportunity to materialize and also communicate with you.

This can only be accomplished by your conforming to certain conditions as hereinafter indicated.

The first essential is regular sittings or periods of meditation, when you must get mentally and physically quiet, so as to completely bring about a condition of receptivity to external psychic and astral forces. You should go into silent and secret meditation at certain specified times and observe that you attend well this duty, always endeavoring to bring about a state of introspection.

You will observe we have advised that these sittings be secret. This of course is for your own welfare and protection. Keep it from the curious and we do here admonish you in this beginning to be secret, and neither teach nor manifest to anyone this work, or place, or time, nor your desire, or will, except it be to a true companion, brother Mystic or Master of this work, who likewise should be faithful, discreet, silent, and dignified by nature, education and conduct.

Never are you to expose or reveal them to unworthy or unscrupulous persons; but reveal them only to faithful, discreet and chosen friends, for your association with a prating companion, whose misbelief, doubting, questioning, and, lastly, unworthiness, hinders and disturbs the effect and result of every Magical and Occult operation, consequently, and, in consideration of what has been said in the forepart of this message, about the undesirable astral Auras some people carry around with them, you should not seek the companionship of those who are unworthy.

p. 301

Set a given time for your meditation period and development in the use of your Magic Mirror. Arrange these sittings at a convenient hour, then allow nothing to interfere except sickness or something beyond your power to prevent.

You should also procure unto yourself an Incense Burner of good ventilation and some Imported TEMPLE INCENSE and burn the same as directed on pages 310, 311, 312, 313.

Burn a small amount of this compound at every sitting with a Magic Mirror or a Crystal. One imported package will do for fifty or more sittings. This "Soul-Vision" and "Astral-Light," inducing subtle, fragrant compound, should always be burned in a special Incense Burner procurable of Messrs. de Laurence, Scott & Co.

Once you begin these sittings, be regular; do not disappoint us unless you wish to disappoint yourself.

Four times a week is often enough. Once a week will do if you cannot sit oftener. Sit from forty-five minutes to an hour, or an hour and a half, always commencing at the same time of day or night.

Have a quiet, neat room, where you can be alone. Be composed, be patient, and, above all, be faithful—believe there is more in life than the demoralized material world around you on the earth plane.

Have the room dark so you will not be able to see the Magic Mirror, though you are all the time gazing into it. Sit quiet and hold the Magic Mirror in both hands by placing them against the ends.

Just as soon as you start this you will be visited by members of our Occult Organization and Brotherhood from spirit life, and all necessary data regarding your desires and personality secured.

Your condition, capacity, ability, surroundings, vibratory forces, Astral Auras, time of sitting, and all necessary information carefully noted.

A report is then made and all data about you will be recorded. To successfully establish intelligent communication with you we must then proceed to find some brother or sister in the spirit world whose vibration, forces and Astral Aura will coördinate with you, and who will volunteer to be a companion to you so as to establish communication with you at given intervals.

Of course it may at times seem long before we succeed in securing the right companion for you.

However, if you are faithful, patient and regular you may rest assured the Brotherhood is interested in you and will not see you sit in vain.

Many, many, times you will be visited by those of us who would like to talk with you but cannot owing to some peculiar Astral or physical condition. Of course, we note these adverse conditions and set about overcoming them and to help bring you, into direct communication with us.

Once a brother is found whose vibratory forces coördinate with your own and he volunteers to become your companion results

p. 302

come quickly, and will be instantly noted on your OPAQUE CONVEXO-CONCAVE MAGIC MIRROR.

First, you will see all around the room bright lights like little stars snapping into life; while across the Black Opaque face of your Magic Mirror will pass an emulsive luminous film, which will be phosphorescent—without heat—of a white, cloudy appearance. This is the usual manifestation of the presence of Astral forces.

After the luminous film has passed away a little star may be seen to pass across the firmament of the MAGIC MIRROR. This is the first indication of real advancement and success upon your part.

However, you should keep quiet at this your initial phenomena, eliminating all quixotic thoughts from your mind.

Do not be too anxious for results or the advancement of your development. If you heed this advice you will act as have all ci-devant Mystics, and all others who are wise, quo ad hoc.

Once Astral phenomena and psychic results come you may be assured that we are around you; that we have a true gauge on you; and if you persevere, your ideas will undergo a complete transfiguration as far as Mysticism and true pneumatology is concerned.

In short, the veil of Osiris, if your efforts are not mediocre, will be raised before your admiring gaze.

Once you have learned from us, by this message, how to make a real, genuine Opaque Convexo-Concave Magic Mirror and other details which we have given here regarding Astral Vision and Magnetic Aura, it is our request that you interest any worthy brother or sister in this work and make them a Magic Mirror should they desire you to do so.

As the subject is of vital and universal interest to humanity, it may be hoped you will avoid all selfishness, as hereinbefore mentioned, and obtain as many brothers and sisters as you can.

They can either have you make them a Magic Mirror or send for materials to make one and thereby become a member of our Brotherhood of Mystics.

It becomes your plain duty to do this, especially should they be influenced or inclined to apply to you by their Astral influence and not as the direct result of printed matter or advertisement.

In constructing an Opaque Convexo-Concave Magic Mirror for another who wishes to become a Mystic, take just as much care with it as if it were your own and deliver it to him or her, as the case may be, no matter if you have become greatly attached to it yourself. Your charge should not exceed $5.00, or less if you feel disposed.

Admonish the one who receives it never to let anyone else handle it. Try to become a trained psychic, seer and Mystic by studying and using the Opaque Magic Mirror and studying official and standard works that treat on this subject.

An excellent book for assisting you in the use of a Mirror and Crystal is The Mystic Test Book of "The Hindu Occult Chambers," Hindu and Egyptian Crystal Gazing, together with the Wonders of the Magic Mirror. This work teaches the original and

p. 303

true science of Hindu Seership and "Spirit-and-Astral-Sight-at-Will," as it was taught by the old Masters and mystics. See Order No. 12; Catalogue Page No. 36. If you would then know the initiations and disciples of the Mystic Brotherhood and understand the inner psychic and Astral nature of yourself and the spiritual basis of human Auras we beckon you, true brother and sister, to join our Mystic Brotherhood and no longer remain in ignorance regarding your Astral or Sidereal self.

You will then understand every system of Astral personality and be able to determine the primary fund and nature of Astral and psychic forces, and their nature, and their results, and their aptitudes in dominating industrial life and personal destiny.

It is not our purpose to here consider elaborately the nature and substance which compose, and the laws which govern, the Astral personality of humanity, or why the nature and destiny of a person is, and can be specifically influenced in one direction more than another by them.

This may seem strange. However, if you will consider for a moment the great contention of Occult and Astral Forces that are struggling for supremacy in the psychic or Astral regions around and in you, and into which you were born, and which wero born into you, and the fact that, even from a physical viewpoint, the volume, direction and effect of these Astral forces and Auras are forever varying; surging; overcoming; and again equalizing each other with your every change of thought and varying mental attitude and divers physical conditions, it should be easily understood and realized that they may and really do influence mentality destiny and results.

It would certainly cause a sensation in all social, domestic and commercial life, and would undoubtedly change a tentative art as medicine into an exact science, if the nature and laws that underlie Astral and Occult forces were universally understood.

It does not disprove our claims, as contained herein, nor place them subject to ridicule, because many are not initiated into their use or nature; else must many arts and sciences suffer the same results.

All Sages, Seers, and Mystics, and members of all Standard and proficient Occult organizations know by experience that Astral and psychic Auras and forces do influence and control the psychical and physical nature of men, women and children, and, in short, all active life.

The Astral and psychic sight and the intuitions of all Ancient and Modern Mystics is perfect.

Results are as a rule more regular in Occultism than those said to be obtained from the unmeasured phases of religion; ethics; morality and some other branches of so-called human knowledge and physical or material sciences.

People are fast giving up orthodoxy and religion and the more advanced of mankind are working out the solutions regarding the Astral or inner self.

Indisputable facts manifesting the Astral and mental forces are

p. 304

attested to by great and fearless Mystics and men of research all over the world.

The near future will be devoted to the solution of man's inner or Astral self. People are beginning to greatly desire Astral vision and to understand the silent, ever-pulsating forces of the unseen world.

Interesting, valuable and wonderful revelations are being secured by many today.

Dr. L. W. de Laurence, who we have honored as being the medium and instrument through which this message is given to humanity, is well trained for Astral sight and Psychic vision, and to this great and fearless Mystic and Seer and his wonderful publications we desire to call your special attention in this message.

He has written, published, and even given to his fellow brothers and sisters and his disciples the very information they needed to become a Mystic and Seer.

A supplemental and full record of the life of this great man and Mystic is now being written daily in the unseen world by an eyewitness, and will be given to the world after his death through the mediumship of a certain brother Mystic who has no personal knowledge of Dr. de Laurence, his early manhood, his travels in Oriental countries, his steadfastness, his trials, his initiations while a chela (disciple) into the greatest Occult organization existing today.

Dr. de Laurence has a mission to perform in Europe, America, West Indies, Africa, etc.; his mission is teaching "THE IMMANENCE OF GOD". in contest with Orthodoxy and the so-called Christian church, as well as true Occultism and Magic.

Dr. de Laurence is a man well advanced in life, although strong and capable as a man of twenty-five.

His intention is to live one hundred and fifty years, so as to give to the world such information and help as it may need regarding man's Astral, Mental and Psychic forces.

Many Mystics and advanced students have developed Astral and Spiritual consciousness by studying his works.

The alchemy of life, Telepathy and Intuition, Dream and Trance states, wider states of mental plane and consciousness of Astral Vision, Inherent Vibrant Astral force, higher Auras, Stages of Clairvoyance, Psychic Vibrations, which control the emotional and mental nature of men and women and children, and interpenetrate the physical body for health or disease, are fully and most intelligently treated by him. The very fact that his books have been simultaneously accepted as Standard and official by all the leading Spiritualists and Occult students has convinced us, as well as his record as a successful Mystic and Seer, that he was the proper one for us to select as our Medium to give this message to you. Again, he has more correspondents than any other teacher, besides being in the best position to circulate it properly.

Regarding the personal character and ability of Dr. de Laurence as an author, compiler and publisher, we, as well as his thousands of students and all who know him personally, have the utmost respect. However, there are some who will seek to belittle

p. 305

him, for they belong to a class of mental deformities who are attempting to build up their own interests by speaking ill of others. Dr. de Laurence is known to be a man who will not utter an ill word about any one, and those who have made themselves conspicuous in complaining about bis radical methods of cutting book prices and other business methods simply have shown that they possess a low grade of mentality, desiring to rise by pulling down a good man.


The publication of "The Immanence of God, Know Thyself," "God, the Bible, Truth and Christian Theology" and "Zoroaster, the Great Persian" have come like a boom among church officials, ministers and priests. These works have shocked Theology and Orthodoxy to its very foundation. Books that will follow in time will do even more. So mental underlings, and the "pocket edition" kind of an individual can sneer because that is their breed, and they must do it or their soul will corrode—the ministers and priests may shrug their shoulders and show their sneering natures by ignoring, but they cannot gainsay the truth of these books.

Our work and teaching will go out to the intelligent world in spite of all the critics and underlings. We care not for creed, color or clime, and this message will be read in Africa, India and America, as well as in Judea and Galilee, Japan and China.

We have sincere brothers and sisters in all climes. All are WELCOME to test their psychic qualities, or investigate the dynamic and psychic world, so that they may thereby obtain a better, fuller and clearer conception of the possibilities, faculties, nature and qualities of their inner or Astral self and the world of vibratory forces around them.

You need not ask if whether or no you are a Mystic. Every soul contains within itself the attributes of divinity. They may be repressed and crucified to the loss of the soul, or they may be made to bloom, like the lotus, to a beauty and power that may set the more inferior limitations of existence at any length.

Are you selfish? This is the question you should ask yourself. This is the deep, underlying condition we must combat. Can you lay this selfish instinct aside to work for the good of all in place of the aggrandizement of self I If so, then we welcome you to our Brotherhood. We reach out to you a hand over the

N infinite spaces, from the dim, forgotten centuries, and recognize you as brother and comrade.

Before the truth of our Brotherhood the bonds and shackles of mankind are destined to melt as snow beneath the Sun of Aries.

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