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What Things Are Under the Power of Mars, and Are Called Martial.

These things are Martial: Amongst Elements, fire, together with all adust and sharp things. Amongst humors, choler; also bitter tastes, tart and burning the tongue, and causing tears. Amongst metals, iron and red brass; and all fiery, red, and sulphureous things. Amongst stones, the diamond, loadstone, the bloodstone, the jasper, the stone that consists of divers kinds, and the amethyst. Amongst plants and trees, hellebore, garlic, euphorbium, castanea, ammoniac, radish, the laurel or sweet-bay, wolf's-bane, scammony; and all such as are poisonous, by reason of too much heat, and those which are beset, round about with prickles, or, by touching the skin, burn it, prick it, or make it swell, as cardis, the nettle, crow-foot and such as, being eaten, cause tears, as onions, ascolonia, leeks, mustard-seed, and all thorny trees; and the dogwood-tree,

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which is dedicated to Mars. And all such animals as are warlike, ravenous, bold, and of clear fancy, as the horse, mule, goat, kid, wolf, leopard, and wild ass. Serpents, also, and dragons, full of displeasure and poison. Also all such as are offensive to men, as gnats, flies, and the baboon, by reason of his anger. All birds that are ravenous, devour flesh, and break bones, as the eagle, the falcon, the hawk, and the vulture; and those which are called the fatal birds, as the horn-owl, the screech-owl, castrels, and kites; and such as are hungry and ravenous, and such as make a noise in their swallowing, as crows, daws, and the pie, which, above all the rest, is dedicated to Mars. And amongst fishes, the pike, the barbel, the fork-fish, the fish that hath horns like a ram, the sturgeon, and the glacus, all which are great devourers and ravenous.

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